Qualities to look for in roommates

Alcove Team ยท 3/1/22

Qualities to look for in roommates

Finding a roommate is a lengthy process, but it also requires patience and careful analysis! That is why one of the most important steps not to miss when looking for a roommate is conducting short interviews with them. Of course, they are not applying for a job, so do not overwhelm them with questions, but be sure to get to know them through a quick and easy conversation.

Do not forget that having a roommate is like any other relationship that you have - your friends, your family, your significant other. This means it requires time and effort to be as successful as possible. To make the process easier for you, today we are sharing the top qualities to look for in roommates.


Alcove shares qualities to look for in roommates.

It is surprising how many people neglect the importance of responsibility! You would want roommates that take the shared responsibilities seriously. From paying the rent and bills on time to locking and closing the doors and windows when they leave for work or school, there are simple yet absolutely essential tasks that both you and your roommates should be responsible for to ensure your safety and comfort.

One of the best parts about renting with Alcove is that some of these responsibilities won't have to fall on your roommates, specifically paying the bills. Rather than pestering your roomies to Venmo you for rent or electricity, you pay for just your share of the rent, easily and online.

Easy to Communicate With

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We bet that you have heard how essential communication is in any type of relationship! Same as putting effort and effectively communicating with your friends or colleagues, communicating with your roommates requires as much work and attention.

That is why one of the main qualities to look for in roommates is their ability to communicate. They need to be willing to discuss any issues or disagreements that may arise in a friendly and positive way. Sitting down and setting up the tone of the communication is as important as the actual decision-making process.

Friendly roommates who are willing to communicate is what you should be looking for!


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Living with someone is no easy thing. You would have to share the common areas together, split responsibilities, understand each other and so much more. Hence, being able to rely and depend on each other would be absolutely essential! When looking for a roommate you need to make sure that they are trustworthy and you know they are honest and truthful!


Alcove shares qualities to look for in roommates.

Having respectful roommates is absolutely crucial! Knowing where the boundaries are and not crossing them is part of living with another person.

Respect is something you are expected to give and receive in any cohabitation, so before looking for a respectful roommate, make sure that you are one yourself. Many times with respect comes understanding and consideration as well, hence, the reason why having respectful roommates is so important!


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Last but not least, one of the qualities to look for in roommates is organization.

Having an organized roommate might not always be as essential, however, it would be a huge plus. This is especially relevant if you are an organized individual yourself. You probably would not want to have your roommates dishes, clothes and shoes laying around.

Them cleaning after themselves and being organized with their personal belongings does not only mean a cleaner and more pleasant to live in environment, though. If they are organized, they would also be less likely to forget to make a payment or pass you a message.

This is our list of the top 5 qualities to look for in roommates but do not forget that at the end of the day it is all based on what your personal values are. Depending on that, your list might differ slightly but it most probably will be similar enough!

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