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How to Improve a Roommate Relationship

Julia Paz | 12/21/20

How to Improve a Roommate Relationship

How to Improve a Roommate Relationship

 Roommates can be friends, family, and sometimes even strangers. All of these kinds of roommates can have altercations that lead to bad relationships. It’s on those roommates to work to improve that bond so they can co-exist peacefully. These tips will help roommates improve their relationship and hopefully allow you to enjoy your shared home even more.       

Ask your friends for roommate recommendations.

Split costs

More often than not, roommates are sharing a place to reduce their cost of living. This means that they want to save money, too.

Roommates don’t have to share everything, but if one roommate buys lunch for the other,  the other can pick up the tab the next time around. This creates a balance between roommates, instead of leaving all the spending on one person. 

Be generous

Consider each other’s feelings. Make breakfast for the other roommate. Let them watch what they want to watch. This doesn’t have to be an everyday thing.

Roommates should simply let each other know they are thinking of one another. That could be through a cup of coffee in the morning, or by unloading the dishes even though it is “their turn.” Those small things will add up and lead to a great friendship. 

Ask for permission

Don’t assume one another is okay with overnight guests or with borrowing food. Always ask permission. Respect each other’s things and space by asking permission. 

Learn each other's routines

Get to know one another’s routines. If one person has a class at seven in the morning, start quiet hours at 10 pm. If a roommate has to work the night shift, be quiet the next day so they can sleep.

Have a general knowledge of each other’s schedules. This will prevent future arguments and annoyances. 

Spend time together

There is no rule that roommates have to be best friends. However, living in a small space is much easier when roommates get along. Every once in a while, watch a movie together or catch up on the day’s events. 

These tips will help roommates hold together a bond and live together peacefully. Always remember to be generous, ask for permission, know each other’s routines, split the cost of living, and spend some quality time together.