Private, per-room rentals

Flexible leases in furnished homes with built-in community


What's the process?


Find your home

Search based on dates, budget, and location


Apply online

Submit applications to the rooms you like most


Meet housemates

Match with compatible housemates to ensure a great fit


Sign lease

We look forward to seeing you at our member events!


Every home is ready for you

All common spaces are fully furnished
Utilities + Wifi
Everything is included. No more splitting bills ever again
In-Home Laundry
Convenient washer and dryer included in every home
Cleaning Service
Our homes are cleaned twice a month
Renters' Insurance
Every lease is insured to protect you
Social network
We regularly host exclusive events for our members

Shared living made easy

We'll help you find the best roommates and your dream home. No more headache of moving: utilities, shared space furnishings, cleaning, renters insurance are already arranged


See why people love us

"So many of my coworkers are paying really high prices for their small apartments, and I’m saving so much money and living in this huge, beautiful house."

What are you looking for?

Our minimum lease term is 3 months