The cutting edge Research Triangle Park in Raleigh-Durham, NC is home to some of the nations top companies.

Help your employees relocate

Give your employees, interns, and contractors the best housing experience possible with Alcove's partnership program. No cost to you.

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We help companies and their employees find per-room leases in beautiful, shared homes. Additionally, we arrange all the co-living essentials like shared space furnishings, all-inclusive rent, and more.

By taking the headache out of relocating, you'll retain employees longer and they'll be happier knowing they are apart of the community.

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Give Your Employees More

Provide your employees a great housing option that meets their needs.


Find your home

Browse tons of options and find roommates who are fully vetted and background checked.


Move-in ready

Common areas are furnished, and all utilities are set up before move-in day and included in rent.


Easy payment

Pay for just your room. We coordinate all the utilities, cleaning, and manage the roommate process.

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Tell us about your company, and we'll reach out!

Alcove is trusted by great companies like Cisco, Bank of America and Epic Games

Trusted by great companies

We have partnered with some of the largest and most innovative companies in the US. We also have homes near major points of interest like Research Triangle Park, Midtown Atlanta, Uptown Charlotte, and more.

Happy employees are better employees. Make you employee's relocation easy by using Alcove.

Relocation made easy

Take the stress of relocation off your employees' shoulders. Our online process takes minutes and makes finding a shared home easy.

Because our all-inclusive rentals are 50% cheaper than the average studio apartment, we're sure your employees will get the most value with Alcove.

House meetings are essential for solid roommate relationships

Happier employees

We know that happy employees lead to better retention.

Because of our extensive knowledge of homes and neighborhoods, we're able to provide recommendations tailored to each of your employees. Our hands on support team will be there to assist them every step of the way.

Let us help you with relocation packages, employee questions and more!