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Alcove maximizes your rent, handles per-bedroom leasing, automates rent payments, and more.

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What is Alcove?

More than a listing platform

Alcove is a management software, equipped with an inbound sales team and staffed 24/7 to get your home leased.

We take care of background, credit, income and eviction checks for you at no additional cost.

Our platform automatically actively markets any vacant bedrooms 45 days before they become available to minimize your vacancy.

List on Alcove, be seen everywhere 

Alcove automatically syndicates your listings to 40+ real estate and roommate listing sites

Get the most out of your property

Let Alcove put your rental to work.

High utilization


Average occupancy across our homes

More than


in rent has been paid on Alcove

Alcove offers


increased NOI over traditional leasing

How it Works

A suite of tools that earn you more.

1. List your home

Once you complete the listing agreement, we'll begin sourcing high-quality applicants from 20+ marketing channels. Alcove dynamically prices your home to optimize your returns.

We'll run background and credit checks on qualified applicants through our built-in TransUnion integration before they are sent for your approval.

2. Approve applicants

Review and approve applicants. Remember that you'll always have final say who lives in your homes.

Once you approve the applicants, each one provides a separate deposit.

3. Set up your home

Set up your home with utilities and wifi

Select your furnishing and lawn care package via our On-Demand Property Services.

Our homeowner support team works with you to assist during this process

4. Sit back and earn

Connect your bank account, receive rent every month through the homeowner portal and view your ledger for upcoming payments.

We'll handle tenant renewals, and re-leasing of any upcoming bedrooms for you 45+ days before they become vacant.

List more homes and grow your rental portfolio with Alcove!

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Quick stats about our roommates

Average Alcove renter profile:


Income-to-rent ratio


Credit score


Eviction records

Alcove Case Study

Learn how we can increase your gross rental income and NOI with per-bedroom leasing through the Alcove platform.

An example home with typical NOI lifts*

On average, Alcove fills a property within 15 days of leasing.

In addition to this quick lease-up period, Alcove can lift a homeowner's gross income 30%, and achieve a 50% increase in net operating income (NOI).

*Table represents actual figures from an Alcove property

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An unbeatable landlord experience

Higher returns, minimized risk.

We protect your asset with fully managed rent collection and tenant support.

Plus, our on-demand services make handling property management logistics including move-in, move out, evictions and tenant requests easy.

No fees to owners

We ensure your residents stay happy and your home is well taken care of (we make money when you make money)

We don't charge a fee to landlords for any of this. Alcove's platform fee is paid by the tenant or their sponsoring employer for use of the platform, and only as your home is filled.

Helping homeowners in fast-growing cities.

The #1 platform for maximizing your rental through shared living. Working with homeowner rentals in Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Winston Salem, Austin, and more.

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