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City Guide: Raleigh, NC

Learn about North Carolina's capital city and why it's great for both families and young professionals.

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The City of Oaks

This former colonial settlement (under direction of Sir Walter Raleigh) was purchased from early settlers of the region in the late 1700s. This created an “unalterable seat of government” and thus Raleigh, NC became the capital of North Carolina.

Raleigh has grown into a hub of innovation unmatched by any other city in the Southeast. With its great business climate, top-tier universities and affordable lifestyle, Raleigh has become a great place to lay roots. It's no wonder that the region has been named the best place to live in North Carolina time and time again.

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The North Carolina State Capitol Building is a beautiful historic building located in the Capital of Raleigh

Downtown Raleigh

Downtown Raleigh is home to countless museums such as the North Carolina Museum of History and the CAM Raleigh, a striking art museum that features art from local and national up-and-coming artists. Because Raleigh is the capital city, there are also many historic sites to visit like the State Capitol and the Executive Mansion.

Be sure to check out Raleigh Denim Workshop for a curated selection of local and worldly goods, or Raleigh’s most beloved thrift shop, Father & Son Antiques. Additionally, Raleigh has a lively local music scene. Catch a concert at the Lincoln Theatre or the Red Hat Amphitheater, or listen to local artists with a craft beer at Pour House Music Hall.

This is a photo of the inside of the Transfer Co. Food Hall. This unique place offers a variety of dining options.

Best Restaurants in Raleigh

There are countless “must eat” places in Raleigh (way too many to mention here). For starters, be sure to check out the vegetarian focused menu at the Irreguardless Café, the 2018 ‘best restaurant of the year’ according to The News & Observer. In addition, local favorites include MoJoe’s Burger Joint, Whiskey Kitchen, and Big Ed’s City Market and Restaurant.

Raleigh is also home to two very popular Food Halls with worldly cuisines of all types. Morgan Street Food Hall offers over 20 culinary concepts under one roof, and Transfer Co. Food Hall is a great place to go with a group of friends for an assortment of burgers, burritos and bagels. The City of Oaks has tons of options to excite your palate.

Beautiful Bar in Raleigh NC. Raleigh is home to many breweries, rooftop bars, underground bars, and local coffee shops

Bars and Breweries

Raleigh is home to countless local breweries each bringing unique flavors and atmosphere. Popular breweries to check out include Trophy, Brewery Bhavana, Clouds Brewing and many more.

If you're looking for drinks with a view, Raleigh is home to many rooftop bars and restaurants. Raleigh Times and 10th and Terrace provide intimate views of the city. On the flip side, Raleigh is also well known around the state for having fantastic underground cocktails, featuring speakeasies like Foundation, C. Grace, and Watts & Ward.

Heirloom coffee shop opened in Raleigh in 2019 and quickly became one of the favorite coffee shops in the area because of its crisp atmosphere and aesthetic

Coffee Shops and Sweet Treats

Everyone needs a little pick me up at some point in their day and Raleigh's local coffee shops do not disappoint. Some local favorites include 42 & Lawrence, Heirloom Brewshop, Morning Times and Sir Walter Coffee. These coffee shops are perfect for a quick cup of joe while working remotely.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, be sure to check out Layered Croissanterie for a delicious buttery treat. Videri Chocolate Factoyr and Lucettegrace are some other sweet treat staples in Raleigh's food scene.

A Food-lover’s Paradise 

Historically known for it's BBQ, Raleigh has a great up-and-coming food scene that's worth exploring!






Coffee Shops


Food Halls

Moore Square is a small park in the heart of Raleigh with beautiful walking paths and great views of beautiful oak trees

Outdoor & Recreation

While exploring the downtown area, take a quick walk to Moore Square, a historical park in the heart of Raleigh with picturesque walking paths and views of beautiful oak trees. Another local favorite is Dorothea Dix Park, located on the outskirts of downtown, which combines historic architecture and beautiful landscapes.

The Art to Heart Corridor is a walking path that takes you through the many landmarks, museums and green spaces in Raleigh, and ends in the heart of downtown. One of the more recent additions to Raleigh’s ample outdoor recreation is Citric Cycle, often called ‘Raleigh bikes’, allows residents and visitors an easy way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Check it out when you visit!

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