Alcove enables co-living
in any rental property

We help people find bedrooms in beautiful homes with a process that is simple for tenants and landlords alike. To make shared living easy, we offer flexible per-room leases so our tenants never have to worry about splitting a bill.


Moving is stressful. We make it effortless.
The entire process is completed online. Our homes are preconfigured with utilities, furnished common areas*, and smart locks that make moving in effortless.
* Available in certain properties. Please see specific listing for details.


High-quality homes in great locations, accessible to everyone.
Our all-inclusive rentals are 50% cheaper than the average studio apartment.


We provide much more than just a room: respectful, welcoming, and safe communities that anyone can call home.
Through community events and our professional network, we offer an ideal way for tenants to continue their growth outside of the office.
Whether it’s how you live or socialize, Alcove wants you to feel at home. It’s shared living, made easy.

Where our tenants work

If you are a property manager or homeowner, learn more about how Alcove works with you.