Maximized rental income with co-living

Earn more than traditional renting or short-term booking websites. Alcove takes care of sourcing qualified tenants and earns you more.

Tell us about your home

We'll reach out letting you know how much more rent you can generate with Alcove (5-20% more on average)

Tell us about your home

We'll reach out letting you know how much more rent you can generate with Alcove (5-20% more on average)


80 M

Americans live in shared housing

Source: NMHC

Each year

16 M

will move and need to find roommates

Source: US Census Bureau

Alcove offers


increased NOI over traditional leasing*

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Why list with us?

Higher occupancy and greater returns are just the start

Shared living made easy with Alcove

Higher Occupancy

Per-bedroom leasing allows you to start earning rental income immediately when the first room is filled, and increases with every subsequent room leased

Increased Revenue

By reducing overall vacancy with a per-bedroom model, rental income is increased by an average of $4,000 per year

Quality Tenants

We use technology like frictionless payment and our TransUnion integration to find and screen the best tenants for you and your property

How Alcove works

A brief overview of listing your home and signing leases

1. List Your Home

Create an account and upload property details. We'll syndicate with our marketing engine to begin sourcing applicants.

Your home is shown online to thousands of qualified searchers. Alcove tours your property and screens applicants.

3. Sign Lease

Approve each applicant to fill your home. Each tenant provides a separate deposit and you receive their rent every month.

A model that works for you

More of how the Alcove platforms works for homeowners and property managers

Alcove per-bedroom leasing will allow you to earn more than traditional renting

How does this save me time and money?

We do all the marketing, touring, and application processing of the property for you. There are no fees to the homeowner or property manager.

How do I get paid?

You get paid for each individual bedroom as soon as someone moves into it. This allows us to incrementally monetize your home, reducing vacancy. Once bedroom leases are signed, we guarantee the bedroom rent in case of tenant default.

Alcove Rooms will assist in the management of your real estate

Who is on the lease?

Alcove, Inc. is the entity on the lease. There is no need to worry about multiple leases or managing turnover.

How long does it take to fill the property?

With per-bedroom leasing, we can fill your property within one month on average.

Ready to list?

Begin listing your property by answering some questions about it. We only work with homeowners who are renting their entire home out, not just a room or short-term rental.

List Your Property

Firms that work with us

We're proud to work with industry-leading property management firms

alcove partners with the best in property management

Alcove works with the best-in-class property management firms to provide great co-living homes, top-notch service, and support.

Alcove does this at no extra cost to landlords and can increase NOI above market rates.

Our investors

Just a few of the companies backing us.

Alcove enables co-living in any rental property.

We're proud to work with great operators and technologists to build the future of co-living.

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Tell us about your home

We'll reach out letting you know how much more rent you can generate with Alcove (5-20% more on average)