Built for property managers

Alcove simplifies coliving by sourcing the best-qualified tenants on long-term leases, and allows you to grow your property management business.

Schedule a meeting with us

Reach out to meet with our property acquisition team

Schedule a meeting with us

Reach out to meet with our property acquisition team

We simplify coliving

Our platform makes per-bedroom leasing easy.

High Quality Tenants

Young professionals and more use Alcove to find rooms in beautiful homes

Partner Protection

We've built a trusted platform for listing properties, processing applicants, and paying you on time

Leasing Optimization

You'll see higher occupancy and rent because rooms fill quicker with a larger pool of applicants

How we work with you

Enabling you and your owners to achieve more.

Have questions ready to ask your potential roommate. It can give you more insight into what it may be like to live with them and catch any red flags.

Supporting your business

Unlock your portfolio's full potential with per-bedroom leasing. We've worked out the details of coliving so you can focus on what makes your business work.

Our model earns you more

We don't interfere with your owner relationships. However, with coliving and per-bedroom leasing, we're able to provide your owners with increased rental income and higher occupancy.

Property Manager FAQs

Questions on per-bedroom leasing and more.

Alcove per-bedroom leasing will allow you to earn more than traditional renting

How does this save me time and money?

We do all the listing, touring, and application processing for you. Plus, there are no fees to the homeowner or manager.

How do I get paid?

You get paid for each bedroom as soon as someone moves into it. Once bedroom leases are signed, we guarantee the rent in case of tenant default.

Alcove Rooms will assist in the management of your real estate

Who is on the lease?

LivingLab, Inc. (dba Alcove) is the entity on the bedroom leases and we protect the owner against the liability and rent defaults of individual tenants.

How long does it take to fill the property?

With per-bedroom leasing, we can fill your property within two weeks on average.

Ready to list your properties?

Schedule a meeting with us

Reach out to meet with our property acquisition team

Find student housing with Alcove rooms for rent

Who are my tenants?

Our tenants are working professionals seeking flexible, beautiful homes in premier locations.

Alcove thoroughly vets these applicants through a background check process (integrated with TransUnion), and property managers always get final say.

Trusted partners

We work with industry-leading property management firms

Partnered with the best-in-class property management firms to provide great coliving homes, top-notch service, and support.

Partners use our platform to approve applicants, manage leases, and get paid.

Our investors

Just a few of the companies backing us

Alcove enables coliving in any rental property.

We're proud to work with great operators and technologists to build the next wave of renting through coliving.