How to Work Through Issues With Your Roommates

Alcove Team · 11/17/21

How to Work Through Issues With Your Roommates

Many times when we think of sharing our home with roommates, we think of the TV show “Friends”. We only think about all the fun and enjoyable moments that we will have.

The truth is that living with roommates can also be challenging and even stressful sometimes. In order to prepare yourself for success, though, we have prepared a short article with the best ways how to work out issues with roommates. Keep reading and learn which are some of the main problems that can come up and what are the best ways to sort out conflicts with your roommates. 

Communication is Key 

Good and effective communication is one of the best ways to work out issues with roommates. Start by spending a few hours with your roommates every week and getting to know them a bit better.

Talk about your hobbies, your past, your future, but also about your likes and dislikes. Knowing your roommates is absolutely key when trying to set up a healthy and positive living space.

The next step is to always remember to communicate and have a discussion with your roommates when something is bothering you. Try not to be accusatory in any situation.

Instead sit down and have a full conversation with your roommates. Discuss the problem and come to a solution together! 

Don't Forget to Compromise 

Living with someone else is definitely not an easy task. Regardless if it is someone that you have just met, your best friend or even your significant other!

Living with roommates means that you need to learn how to compromise. People have different types of living habits and all sides have to adjust to this new space that you will be sharing. If you like going to bed early, but your roommates are night owls, instead of immediately seeing this as a problem, try to understand their side of it.

You might have to compromise and set up some quiet hours as well. What is the most important to remember is that compromises should always come from all parties involved! 

Establish Rules

Noise, guests, parties and cleanliness are some of the main topics which often cause issues between roommates. There is a way how to prepare yourself for success, though!

The right answer is to have a discussion about the main topics and establishing some rules and guidelines that each roommate needs to follow.

Some examples would be setting a clean-up schedule, establishing quiet hours and making overnight rules. You might initially feel uncomfortable bringing up the topic of “establishing rules” but trust us you will thank yourself later if you have done this as early as possible.

Do not wait to get bothered and hate living with your roommate because you have not had this serious discussion at the beginning! 

Be a Good Roommate Yourself 

Last but definitely not least, do not forget to be a good, polite and kind roommate yourself. Being rude and vulgar to your roommates but expecting respect and understanding from them is not the right way to go. Always try to be positive and friendly to your roommates!

You do not have to be best friends if you do not have the same interests, but meeting them in the hallway and not greeting them or being together in the kitchen without trying to make small talk about their day could be seen as very impolite.

Most of the times being a good roommate yourself will be highly appreciated by your roommates. If it is not maybe it is time to find new roommates! 

Did you find our list of ways how to work out issues with roommates useful? Is there anything that you would add?