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How to Deep Clean With a Room-by-Room Checklist

Alex Johnson · 4/8/21

How to Deep Clean With a Room-by-Room Checklist

It's springtime, meaning that it's also time for a "spring cleaning"! Let's get out of the winter funk with a detailed guide on deep cleaning your space. You might be thinking to yourself - "I know how to clean." But sometimes you need some inspiration to actually start doing it. We hope we are that inspiration!

Here’s a deep cleaning guide for when you are ready to clean your rental apartment or house. 

How to clean your bathroom

To clean a bathroom, follow these steps: 

  1. Clean a toilet using a dedicated toilet cleaner. 

  2. Wipe any surfaces, including the sink, the back of the toilet, and the bath, with an antibacterial spray. 

  3. Make sure that there is no mold - if there is, remove it with a dedicated mold cleaner. 

  4. Clean the mirror and glass surfaces with a glass cleaner. 

  5. Sweep and mop the floor thoroughly. 

how to clean your bathroom

How to clean your kitchen

To clean a kitchen, follow these steps: 

  1. Move all of your possessions

  2. Use an antibacterial spray to clean the countertops.

  3. Clean inside all of the cupboards and the refrigerator.

  4. Sweep and mop the floor, ensuring to get into all of the smaller areas.

  5. Clean the inside of the microwave. 

  6. Clean the dishwasher and oven as specified below. 

how to clean your kitchen

How to clean dishwasher

To clean a dishwasher:

  1. Use a cloth to wipe out any debris.

  2. Place a bowl with some white vinegar on the top shelf and set the dishwasher to one cycle.

  3. After this cycle, check the dishwasher. It may already be clean. 

  4. If it needs more cleaning, you can try dedicated cleaning products, bleach (make sure that this is flushed entirely through the system after using), or baking powder. 

How to clean oven

To clean an oven:

  1. Remove the racks and scrub them separately.

  2. Use a wooden spatula to get rid of any food that is stuck to the oven.

  3. Use an oven cleaner to clean the oven thoroughly.

  4. Follow the instructions on the packet and be very careful - most oven cleaners cannot come into contact with skin, as they can cause serious burns. You must wear gloves and protective clothing. 

how to clean your oven

How to clean living or family room

  1. After removing all of your items, wipe any shelves and other surfaces - make sure they all look clean. 

  2. Check your windows and wipe the window sills down. 

  3. Hoover the carpet, or mop if there is a wooden floor. Make sure that there are no marks or stains on the floor and that it looks clean. 

cleaning your living room

How to clean a couch

To clean a couch, brush it first to get rid of any crumbs or bits of food. Then, check it for any stains. You can use a designated stain remover for this, or try some homemade solutions such as baking soda. You may need to try a few things until you find something that works. 

How to clean your bedroom

Many people find bedrooms to be the easiest rooms to clean. Here’s how to deep clean a bedroom: 

  1. Follow steps 1-3 from the lounge section above. Also, clean the inside and outside of your closet thoroughly. 

  2. Make sure that there are no stains on your mattress. Use a stain remover if so. 

When you follow these simple steps, you’ll likely feel a sense of accomplishment about yourself and your space! And you'll definitely get your security deposit back

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