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The Best Ways to Light Your Bedroom

Alex Johnson | 3/11/21

The Best Ways to Light Your Bedroom

Lighting can have a large effect on mood and how you approach the day, especially when waking up in your room. When it comes to bedroom decor, lighting effects play a visible role in uplifting your bedroom ambience. A certain intensity of light thrown on a piece of wall art in your bedroom can magnify the look of your bedroom in beautiful ways! We often don’t give lighting enough consideration when designing the interior of our rooms. By focusing more on lighting in your bedroom, different effects and moods will be evoked and lead to better sleeping patterns, a more work-friendly space, and more.

However, you may be living in a room for rent, which might stop you from spending extra money on décor as you might have to shift somewhere else in near future. Once you understand how easy and cost effective it is to introduce new lighting into your room, you'll surely love to incorporate it as soon as possible. Below I'll introduce a few ways that lighting can help your room's design and evoke the perfect mood after a long day.

Look for warm lighting

Warm lighting feels like the light effect that the setting sun creates! This reddish or gold-like light is categorized as warm lighting. It evokes a relaxing and soothing vibe, and so it is recommended for creating a relaxing light effect in a bedroom, especially when waking up. This type of lighting is passive and allows one to comfortably read, study or just lounge around while the "golden hour" sets in.

Warmer color like red and yellow are perfect for golden hour lighting

The color temperature of light and its intensity are some elements that create a huge impact on your bedroom décor. With warmer lighting and lighter furniture, your room will brighten up naturally. To evoke this mood, we suggest purchasing lights in the 4000K area, which is the color temperature that the sun sets at (color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K)). Have at it!

Incorporate a stylish chandelier

Chandeliers are great for playing with the lighting effect of your bedroom. You can add a stylish chandelier to your bedroom and let its lamps create luxe within your bedroom. Additionally, you can follow your bedroom décor theme while choosing chandeliers. It is best to stay away from fixtures that are extremely trendy because you'll likely need to replace them in the near future.

Overall, having a bedroom chandelier is not a necessity to create great lighting in your room. It can add a luxurious feel to the room, but if you're on a budget, focusing on wall sconces or lamps might make your budget go further.

Interesting chandeliers in your bedroom can create all kinds of lighting effects.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are frequently used to add an appealing light effect to your bedroom. As a cheaper alternative, LED light strips can evoke more aggressive emotions because of their neon hues. However, with dimmers and the right placement, LED strips can add some real depth to your bedroom interior.

Here are some ideas for how to use LED strip lights for good effects in your room:

  • Add them along the headboard of your bed.

  • Let a string of LED strip lights gather attention towards an amazing piece of wall art.

  • Let a strip of LED strip lights descend with the staircase to add appeal to your staircase.

  • Install LED strip lights under the bed to create a romantic look at night.

  • LED strip lights can also be added beneath your kitchen cabinets to highlight the countertop and backsplash.

  • You can add the LED strip lights to the ceiling.  

Don’t underestimate vintage sconces

Vintage sconces add luxe to a bedroom and blend with any of the home décor styles. You can simply replace a traditional lamp of your rental bedroom with classy vintage sconces and see the magic! You would agree that if you don’t add any other lighting effects to your bedroom; only vintage sconces are enough to run the show :)

Add drama with pendant lights

You can also hang lights from the ceiling to spread good vibes within your bedroom. The pendant lights come in a variety of designs, colors, styles, and materials to add an alluring lighting effect to your bedroom. Pendant lights made of crystal, metal, and ceramic are loved by Millennials (and others!) due to the fancy effect that they add to a bedroom. You can also have one that comes with fascinating textures painted in the most appealing way.

pendant lights create dramatic effects on your bedroom lighting. Try them out as soon as you can.

Use a Lantern

Lanterns add a distinctive allure to a bedroom. You can make your bedroom instantly look a lot more luxurious with these lamps. They are usually made out of paper and sometimes have beautiful carvings to let the light pass through and create amazing light effects within your bedroom.

Place Lamps on Side Tables

You can also magnify your bedroom’s lighting effect with an addition of two side table lamps with the amazing frame, floral lamp fabric, and shade to blend well with your bedroom décor. A recent trend has been incorporating more mid-century modern style furniture into the bedroom. This includes side tables with exposed legs made of wood, allowing for the light to come through brighter.

Add Some Romance with Candles

Candles have been used traditionally to give an amazing light effect to a room. You can also use stylish candles with trendy or vintage candle holders to add a touch of royalty to your bedroom. You can also opt for scented candles that you can place in a crystal candle stand or maybe a candle stand made of wood or marble. It looks equally awesome!

Fairy String Lights

Fairy string lights add décor to your bedroom with their matchless allure. These lights can be incorporated into your basic lighting plan. You would be surprised to see the drama that a few strings of fairy lights can add to your interior design. You may choose any shade of these lights to be parallel with your bedroom décor theme.


A bedroom is meant to be the space in your home where you feel most relaxed after a tiring day. Whether it be roommates, work or something else bothering you, your room is your sanctuary, and good lighting plays an important role in relaxation and sleep. Therefore, it is always recommended to use an ambient or warm lighting effect in your bedroom to make you feel more peaceful. We hope you are inspired to get creative with your bedroom lighting!