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The ultimate guide to deep cleaning your home

Alcove Team ยท 3/16/22

The ultimate guide to deep cleaning your home

What does deep cleaning mean?

In order to get started we need to discuss the difference between your regular weekly cleaning routine vs deep cleaning your home.

Deep cleaning involves more than just vacuuming and dusting as you are adding a lot more smaller tasks to your cleaning routine. There are generally little areas that do not get as much use and do not require constant attention. So, generally speaking, deep cleaning focuses on the additional details.

You might be wondering how often you need to deep clean your home - it's really up to you. Some people deep clean once per month while others do it once every 4 months. Based on your own schedule and availability, you will slowly learn what makes the most sense to you.

Getting ready

Alcove shares ultimate guide to deep cleaning your home.

Before you jump straight into deep cleaning your home, you have to get ready and prepare for success.

First of all, deep cleaning is a long process and can even take up to a week depending on how many tasks you add to your to-do list and how big your home is. Start with a list and make sure to be realistic about what you can achieve in one day. Decide how much time you can spare on deep cleaning your home and if needed be remove some of the tasks.

At the end of this you should be happy and satisfied with the results achieved even if it is not perfect! Make sure to also have all the needed tools and supplies before you start.


how to clean your bathroom

Cleaning the bathrooms is the most dreaded tasks for the vast majority of people. That is why it is best to start the deep cleaning process from there. Add cleaning solution to your toilet and bathtub/shower.

While it is doing its magic, vacuum and mop the floor. After you have scrubbed the bathroom surfaces, finish with washing your sink and wiping your mirrors.


how to clean your kitchen

Your kitchen and dining area should be next on your list. This area of the house gets a lot of use and it generally requires the most amount of time when deep cleaning your home.

Start by decluttering and organizing your fridge and cabinets. Throw away any old and expired supplies. Make sure to give every surface a good wipe because even your cabinet doors get covered with layers of grease while you cook. Deep clean your sink and your entire oven - inside and outside.

Do not forget all the other small appliances such as coffee maker, toaster, microwave etc. Last step is always vacuuming and mopping. Once you are done with the kitchen, move to your dining area.

Living Room

cleaning your living room

Deep cleaning your living room should not be massively different from your regular weekly routine. You would probably want to add some tasks such as vacuuming your couch, and cleaning behind and under all furniture. It is best to start with removing all the little pieces that might have accumulated around your living room.

Then move to dusting all surfaces. If you have shelves make sure to remove each item on display and clean it as well. Lastly you would want to vacuum and mop the floor.


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The process of deep cleaning your bedroom should be similar to the one in the living room. You would want to start by decluttering your closet and drawers. Dust all surfaces first before proceeding to vacuuming and mopping the floor as well.

On a deep clean day you would want to wash your bedsheets as well. Make sure to place them last once you are done with all of the cleaning so they would not accumulate the dust and dirt particles.

Additional Tasks

Alcove shares ultimate guide to deep cleaning your home.

The deep cleaning process is different for each one of us. Some people would also add tasks such as cleaning the windows, washing the curtains, wiping the blinds, dusting any chandeliers and lamps etc.

It is up to you to decide what you would want to get done and mainly how much time you can spare on cleaning. The main thing to remember is that it is not about perfection, but slowly making progress.

Suggestion from us: your weekly routine is more important than your deep cleaning practices. The more often you clean through the week and the more thorough you are, the less often you would have to deep clean.