How to Find Roommates on Facebook 

Alcove Team · 10/26/21

How to Find Roommates on Facebook 

There are dozens of websites where young professionals can find roommates. From Craigslist to Roomies, the options are nearly endless.

There is one platform, however, that's less obvious than others for finding roommates: Facebook. Surprisingly, there are a few ways to do this on the platform, which we'll highlight below. Keep reading if you want the best tips on how to find roommates on Facebook! 

Join Facebook Groups 

By far the best way to find roommates on Facebook is by joining the relevant groups. Start by finding the groups for your city, neighborhood or even apartment complex by searching for it on the top of your news feed.

Search for queries like:

- Rentals in [your city]

- Find roommates [your city]

- Real estate rentals [your city]

You can join public or private groups (like the one above) and read the group's feed. There will be hundreds of people making posts so be sure to filter for Most Recent if you want to find a roommate that is also looking right now.

Depending on the group's rules, you'll be able to create your own "Seeking roommates" post in the group. Even though your Facebook profile is attached to the post, don't give out too much identifiable information. Additionally, there are some groups with lots of spam. Be sure to keep messaging within Facebook and don't click on random links that point towards unidentifiable websites.

Facebook Marketplace 

We believe that you will be successful in finding a roommate through the relevant groups that you have joined. Every city has dozens of groups related to real estate and roommates.

However, if you are still struggling to find good roommate leads, your next option is Facebook Marketplace.

Find rentals or roommates on Facebook Marketplace

This feature is relatively new and is mainly used for selling items, but you can definitely use it to create a rental listing with information for "roommate seeking".

As with the entire platform, the interface is extremely user friendly and it provides you with a few questions that you just have to answer and in just a few minutes your rental listing will be up on Facebook Marketplace! 

Make A Post On Your Personal Feed

Last but definitely not least, do not underestimate the power of a simple post on your own news feed. Facebook's content sharing algorithms make it incredibly easy for friends and family to see your post, reach out and offer help. Also, it's probably best to find roommates through friends of friends due to the connection and trust factor of friend's referrals.

Just head to your Profile and create a brief post saying that you are looking for a roommate in your area.

Using social media and sharing a little status update with your family and friends is such a powerful way to find other young individuals who might be currently looking for a place to rent. The most important element when creating the post is to make it public, so that your friends can also share it with their friends.

Before you know it your post would have reached thousands of people and your chances of finding a roommate will be much higher! 

Additional Tip

Keep in mind that when you are looking for a roommate online, you always have to be cautious and wary of the situation. Make sure to meet with any potential roommates beforehand and have a short conversation with them to see if you will be a good fit for each.

You are about to start living with someone for at least a few months, so it would be much better if you share similar interests and get along well. Prepare a lease agreement and have a friend or family member with more experience of renting out go through it as well, because you might have missed something important! 

Facebook might be just a social media platform, but it really helps us connect with other. There are 2.8 billion people using Facebook daily, so just think about what powerful tool you have at your fingertips.

You were going to check your feed anyway, you might as well use Facebook to its full potential and try our top tips on how to find roommates on Facebook!

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