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Top Sites to Find Housing for Travel Nurses 

Alcove Team · 10/15/21

Top Sites to Find Housing for Travel Nurses 

Top Sites to Find Housing for Travel Nurses 

Being a travel nurse brings adventure, excitement and the ability to further develop your skills!

However, it can be stressful, challenging and requires you to take a step outside of your comfort zone. Getting a new assignment and having to move to a new place becomes even more overwhelming when you have to secure a place to stay. In order to make it a bit easier on you, we are sharing the top sites to find housing for travel nurses! 

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VRBO (pronounced "Verbo"), owned by Expedia, has been gaining more and more popularity during the last few years.

As the the main competitor to AirBnb, VRBO seeks to provide longer term housing as the pandemic continues to change the way we all live and work.

Because VRBO is owned by Expedia, they've combined systems to be able to host millions of people in all kinds of vacation rentals, even longer-term housing.

Competitive prices, excellent customer service, a huge list of accommodation options and highly trusted hosts make VRBO an ideal tool to use when searching for your next nurse assignment.

Do not forget to check with the property owner and negotiate the price if you are booking for a longer period of time! It's a win-win for both parties because homeowners get a more stable tenant, and traveling professionals don't have to move too often.

Furnished Finder 

The main advantage of using Furnished Finder is that it was specifically created for travel nurses so they understand the pain points of this industry. Recently, they have expanded their offerings to traveling professionals of all types, not just those working in medicine!

The platform offers flexible leases and you can easily choose the duration of your stay, but keep in mind that generally, they have a minimum requirement of 30 days.

The website has proven that safety is their number one priority and travel professionals, especially travel nurses on short-term contracts, are assured that each property owner goes through a detailed background check before being approved.

Rooms for rent - traveling nurses, doctors and more

The website has designed a special filter that shows the distance to the nearest clinic or hospital as well - the best feature in our opinion!

Your mind will be put to ease knowing that they built this platform specifically to help travel nurses and professionals find safe and affordable housing.

Tripping is one of the top sites to find housing for travel nurses. Compared to other platforms, it is used as a search engine rather than just a listing website.

You can easily enter your destination and dates and the website will promptly compare rates and find you the most competitive rooms for rent offered across the Internet (similar to

Many traveling professionals like using Tripping for their initial step of researching accommodation options.

We also strongly recommend it if you are just starting out as a travel nurse and you are not used to the process of finding rooms for rent, as it will give you a very good idea of all the large and small sites out there!   

Travel Nurse Housing 

Many travel nurses trust this platform the most as it is easy to connect to a huge variety of pre-approved hosts within just a few minutes.

There are no booking fees, and you will know that you are getting the most for your money. The only disadvantage is that Travel Nurse Housing is only limited to properties in the United States, so if you are heading to Europe or Asia, you will not be able to find rooms for rent for these locations.

If you are only moving to another state, though, Travel Nurse Housing might be the perfect site to find short-term furnished accommodation! 


One of the fastest-growing coliving platforms in the US offers travel nurses great options for short or long-term rentals. Because Alcove partners with local hospitals like WakeMed and the Duke Health system, travel nurses or traveling professionals will know that they've been vetted to help.

Alcove web platform

With Alcove you'll be able to find private rooms for rent in shared homes, so if you prefer living on your own, this might not be the best fit.

They focus on coliving (or sharing spaces to create more housing efficiency), meaning that you'll be matched with like-minded roommates and the have the option of choosing flexible leases between 3 and 18 months.

Rooms for Rent in Raleigh-Durham

Do you have a new assignment coming up as a travel nurse and looking for a flexible lease and a convenient room to rent?

Make sure to check the top sites to find housing for travel nurses! 

Also, feel free to check out Alcove's listings at our page dedicated to Travel Nurse Professionals: