A Renter’s Guide to Moving to Raleigh, N.C.

Taylor Fisher | 1/13/21

A Renter’s Guide to Moving to Raleigh, N.C.

Raleigh, N.C., has been on the rise as one of the best cities in the Southeast and, as a result, it’s seen an influx of people from all over the country. From its culture to emerging tech scene, this city could be the perfect destination if you’re looking for a new place to call home. 

Of course, when first moving here, you’ll want to rent an apartment or room in a home for flexibility and to get a taste of the community. For this reason, we put together this guide on moving to Raleigh from a renter’s perspective and, without further ado, here’s what you should know about the city:

About Raleigh

Raleigh is the capital of and second-largest city in North Carolina. Located in the northeast-central region of the state, the weather here is temperate overall, with mild spring and fall months, hot summers with frequent rain, and cold to moderate winters.

Why Raleigh?

As part of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Raleigh is a great place for people looking to get into research, as well as business.

The city’s main industries span a wide range, including pharmaceutical, apparel, food production, financial services, telecommunication and tech. With a booming job market, the city tends to attract young professionals who move here for the mix of this emerging city’s opportunities in combination with the tranquil and town-like pace of life. 

There are plenty of options for higher education in and around the city, as well as good neighborhoods for young families. Plus, the city is filled with culture and history, as well, and is very lively and welcoming.

With a prolific food industry, it’s also home to many unique restaurants and pubs. And, the outdoors are another good reason to move to this city, which offers its residents trails, parks, gorgeous views of the mountains and easy access to nearby beaches. 

Cost of Living

The overall cost of living in Raleigh is lower than the national average by around 5%. It’s also more affordable in terms of housing and overall expenses. Specifically, rental apartments in Raleigh average $1,200, although they do vary significantly depending on the location and size. Public transportation is also affordable, although most people drive their cars to get around Raleigh. 

Finding an Apartment

To find an apartment in Raleigh, it’s best to start your search in the month of your move (so that you can move in as soon as you’ve decided) and use online platforms like Alcove with verified sources to make sure you steer clear of rental scams. Alcove is unique in that it allows room searching into the future, so if you're aware of when you'll be moving, you can identify which homes or apartments you want to tour way ahead of time.

Next, select your new place according to your priorities, which could include: the area where you need to be, the length of your commute, the size of the apartment, the price of rent and so on. In this way, even if you don’t know the neighborhoods, you’ll find a place that suits your needs. 

Then, after you’ve narrowed your search, take advantage of virtual tours on our site — especially if you’re from another state — and check out the apartments you most like. After that, you can schedule tours for a day when you’re planning to be in Raleigh to make your final decision. 

Moving to Raleigh

Depending on where you’re moving from, arrange for professional movers or drive your car to the city. Either way, research the current COVID-19 regulations in place to make sure you’re aware of any safety measures you need to follow. Then, after you’ve found the right apartment, you can hire a cleaning service to prepare the place for your move. 

If you’ve decided to move to Raleigh, rest assured that there will certainly be many things to do and enjoy once you get here. The city is continuously growing, and there are an increasing number of opportunities for people who live and work here. Nevertheless, the feeling of community is still strong. And, with its high quality of life, Raleigh is definitely a good choice for a new home.