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7 Best Indoor Plants Anyone Can Grow

Taylor Fisher | 1/13/21

7 Best Indoor Plants Anyone Can Grow

Have you ever had an indoor plant that seemed to die the moment you brought it home, and you weren't sure how to bring it back to life? Maybe you've avoided buying them altogether because they seem like too much work? Don't worry, we've all been there when starting out as new plant owners.

Indoor plants bring a lot of beauty into your living space and can even have a positive impact on your mental health. Not to mention they are a popular commodity and super trendy for those looking to have a Pinterest worthy room. But if you've ever witnessed a plant dying or never got one out of fear of the commitment, how do you overcome that blocker and get into the plant game?

Here are the 7 best indoor plants that are hard to kill and super easy to take care of. Any one of these plants will purify your air but won't die if you're away for a week or two.

1.     Monstera

Monsteras are from Central America and will easily adapt to any light you provide them.

Monstera is a Central American native plant popular for its high-spirited leaves and iconic large holes. This forgiving plant can adapt itself anywhere you place it, making Monstera a vibrant plant sure to survive in any room within your home.

While it may prefer medium to bright indirect light (anywhere in a room that gets a lot of light), it will quickly adapt to a place with the sun shining right on it, or even a corner of a room with no sunlight at all. If you do place it directly in front of a bright window, make sure to keep an eye on the leaves. If the leaves do become crisp and brown it might be time to move the plant a little further back from the light as it's getting burned from the sun.

In terms of watering this plant can go weeks without water. So if you're the type to easily forget, the Monstera will be very forgiving. Even if you are the type who travels a lot, you're sure to come home to your new house plant still alive and thriving.

Light- Anywhere in a room that gets some light 
Water- Once every 2 weeks 

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2. Spider Plant

Spider plants are hardy and perfect for new plant owners.

Spider plants are a universal favorite, being easy to maintain and widely loved. So it comes as no surprise that it has made it on our list of low-maintenance house plants. These robust plants are not only beautiful with their long slender leaves but incredibly hardy for any new plant owner (hence its popularity 😉). Even if you give your Spider plant the minimum amount of care it will stay happy and healthy for a long time. And we mean a long time! These plants are very prolific. Spider plants will produce a lot of babies that you'll be able to propagate and grow, giving you more plants to add to your new collection or even send away as thoughtful gifts to your friends.

You may have guessed this by now, but caring for Spider plants is super easy. They quickly adapt to low-light areas where other indoor plants might give up, giving you more options for places to display them. Many people choose to hang these plants and bring life to an empty corner or to add dimension to any room. And because this species prefers to have the top few inches of soil dry, hanging these plants won't deprive them of water, like it can other indoor plants.

Pro tip: Yellow leaves can be a sign of underwatering while brown is a sign of overwatering.

Light- Anywhere in your home
Water- Let the soil dry out before watering

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3. Hedgehog Aloe

The Hedgehog aloe is a great plant for those who forget to water or travel away from home frequently.

Similar to other Aloe variants, the Hedgehog Aloe is a low-maintenance plant, but it does require lots of light. In the Summer and Fall, you can actually set these plants outside, in a spot with direct sunlight, and the Hedgehog Aloe will reward you with impressive orange blooms. Or you can keep it inside all year and enjoy the lovely blue-green leaves, which can be used to soothe burns or other skin irritations.

Because of its succulent nature, it doesn’t require a lot of water to survive. In fact, this carefree plant will stay healthy even after 4 weeks without water. In the Summer during its active growth period, it may prefer a bit more water than normal but you can easily add a tray to go under your pot to make sure that there is proper drainage and it doesn't suffer from overwatering. Set this plant in front of a window and go on that long trip you've been meaning to take! You'll come back to a growing, happy aloe plant.

Light- bright light; place near a sunny window
Water- Let the soil completely dry out before watering

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4. Jade Plant

Jade plants are cute succulents that are low-maintenance.

Jade Plants are succulents (Crassula Ovata) native to South Africa and believed to bring good luck and a breath of fresh air to their owners. Often given as a housewarming gift, the Jade plant is widely known as a money tree, friendship plant, or dollar plant. Their fleshy, oval leaves and cute tree-like form make it a favorite amongst plant enthusiasts (not to mention how easy it is to care for them).

Speaking of easy-care, the Jade only requires a good watering once a month and should only be done when you notice that the soil is dry on top. Overwatering is the most common killer of Jade plants. You can simply stick a finger in the soil to check if it is dry and time to water again. If you let this plant sit in wet soil for too long it will start to die.

Like other succulents, Jade plants prefer lots of sunlight, for them to grow properly. Try to keep them near a bright window, but if you don't have the right sunny spot, these tough succulents will be okay if they only get a few hours of light a day.

Light- prefers direct sunlight, but will be fine in a bright room.
Water- Let the soil completely dry out before watering

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5. Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus fern has fuzzy vibrant green leaves, sure to make a statement in any room.

Asparagus Ferns are easy to care for and quire attractive with their beautiful feathery leaves. It may appear soft and fuzzy to the touch, but be careful. As this luscious plant matures it may grow spines that will require you to wear gloves whenever you're handling it. However, don't let that deter you from displaying this vibrant green plant in your home. If you place them in the perfect location, it will produce small flowers and even berries, which you can plant to grow more ferns.

Because these plants are used to surviving both indoors and out, they have a forgiving yet low-maintenance nature. They don’t require a lot of water, but they do need it more regularly than some of the other plants we've mentioned above. We recommend keeping a small spray bottle next to it and giving it a spritz once a day. If you notice it turning a little brown and droopy it likely needs more water, so try to avoid letting the soil completely dry out. This plant thrives in shade but will adjust to bright sunlight (you just might have to water it more frequently).

Light- Thrives in shade, but will acclimate to brighter light
Water- frequently, don't let the soil completely dry out

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6. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money plant has cute, flat leaves known to bring luck into your home.

Chinese Money Plant, also known by Pilea Peperomioides, are famous for their looks and low-maintenance. Often seen in Scandinavian interiors, the bright-green, mirror shaped leaves of the Chinese Money plant, bring a lot of color into your house. These unique plants tend to create a lot of small baby plants that are easy to separate and share with your friends and family. Most notably these plants aren't difficult to care for making them the perfect choice for new plant owners.

The Money plant isn't too demanding, but if your Pilea is happy it will show off small white flowers on pink-tinged stems. Weekly watering is more than enough, but check the soil each time anyway. If the top 2-3 inches are dry, you can water again. Simply place this plant on your desk near a window or in a well-lit room anywhere in your home. It appreciates indirect bright light, but fluorescent lighting is even enough to keep the Chinese Money plant happy.

Light- Fluorescent to bright indirect
Water- a little water once a week

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7. Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are. a popular choice for plant lovers alike because of their adaptability and beauty.

Peace lilies or Spathiphyllum are beautiful with their long-lasting blooms and glossy oval-shaped leaves. Indisputably, Peace Lilies are the best indoor plants and attractive whether you place them in a large pot on the floor or higher up on a tabletop.

As one of the most appealing indoor plants, Peace Lilies are a fantastic option if you're a newer plant owner. They are incredibly resilient and forgiving to changes in their watering routine. However, this popular houseplant loves moist soil. It even signals to you when it's thirsty as the leaves will begin to droop a bit. If you forget to water it and the leaves are all hanging low, water it right away. You'll be surprised at how quickly it bounces back.

This adaptable houseplant prefers to stay away from bright, direct light and is even known to thrive in rooms that have no windows. If you ever notice your Peace Lily developing yellow leaves it means it's receiving too much light and should be moved further from the light.

If you're prone to overwatering, try Spathiphyllum. With just enough light, they'll produce iconic spade-shaped flowers throughout the year. Be careful with Peace Lilies if you have pets in your home. They are very toxic if cats and dogs ingest their leaves. Here is a list of low-maintenance plants that are also pet friendly.

Light- Indirect light, not too close to bright windows
Water- once a week, or get one of these handy waterers if you often forget

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Plants are a fun and beautiful way to liven up your living space. Choose from any of these houseplants and soon enough you'll have a home full of thriving plants. With no effort and only a small fraction of your time, these plants are a great way to start turning your thumb a little green. Even if you live with roommates, these indoor plants will provide a fresh atmosphere with Pinterest perfect looks that everyone will enjoy.