Alcove shares Do's and Don'ts in maintaining shared kitchen.

Operating system for your entire portfolio

Alcove optimizes and simplifies shared housing management. With fewer manual tasks and more efficient operations, you can focus on what's essential.

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Everything your client needs, in one place

The process of leasing and managing an investment home is now safe, profitable and easy.

Leasing Engine

• Manage your entire residential portfolio on one intuitive platform.

• Alcove's dedicated leasing team helps fill your property in record and provide intelligent pricing recommendations.

• Professional Digital Marketing processes your workflow, freeing up your time.

On-platform Approval + eSignature

• Our eSigning feature is fully integrated. Seamlessly manage your tenant approval and lease signing process on Alcove.

• Leverage Alcove’s preset leasing criteria to quickly screen applicants. Alcove provides credit score, criminal history, eviction history, and income. Everything you need to make informed decisions about applicants.

Integrated payment system

• Monetizing your property instantly with per-bedroom payouts

• Alcove automatically calculates rent for each property with the correct pro-ration, as well as all security deposits and applicable fees and deposit them directly into your linked account.

Powered by Stripe, which employs advanced data encryption to protect your financial information.

Landlords & Property Managers

Have a property for rent?

Alcove is a complete solution to help you maximize your rental.

  • Maximized rental income. Alcove minimizes your vacancy to maximize your returns.

  • Dedicated leasing team. We handpick and pre-screen the best applicants.

  • Automated management. We are your first line of defense for support.

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Applicant log

• No more scattered email threads, paper forms, and spreadsheets. With Alcove's applicant log, all your tenant applications are stored in a centralized, easy-to-access location. 

• Whether you're dealing with a single home or a large portfolio, our applicant log keeps everything organized on platform.

Centralized Communication

• Alcove is the first line of defense for any roommate related support

• Easily and quickly contact residents and vendors - all from within Alcove. 

• Communications are also stored in a system of record for easy retrieval.

• Empower housemates with a one-stop-shop to access the information they need. 

On-demand Property Services

• Alcove homeowners get access to our fully managed vendor marketplace

• Pre-trained vendors and 3rd party providers

• Integrated payments for services on Alcove via Direct book vendor, and easy scheduling tools to coordinate with roommates

Property Log

• Effortlessly monitor and oversee all activities across their properties through a centralized feed.

• Track lease start and end dates, vendor shifts, pet information and records, property showings, inspections, maintenance, and more, enabling you to effortlessly monitor all activity at your property.

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We make shared living easy with a platform that's simple for both tenants and homeowners alike.

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Alcove shares Do's and Don'ts in maintaining shared kitchen.

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