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Why Are People Moving to North Carolina?

Alcove Team | 10/19/21

Why Are People Moving to North Carolina?

Are you wondering which has been one of the most desirable states for millennials for the past few years? The answer is North Carolina! Affordability, mild climate, large job market, as well as the convenient location of North Carolina are only some of the reasons why the Tar Heel State is considered to provide younger people with the quality of life they are looking for! Keep reading for the five top reasons why people are moving to North Carolina.

1. Cost of Living

Year after year, North Carolina ranks among the most affordable states in America. It is not just the below national average rent prices and the considerably lower educations costs, though!

North Carolina is also known for its low tax rates, which is why its considered a top state to start a business. With good wages and lower than average income tax, the Tar Heel State becomes an extremely desirable home for younger individuals living on a tighter budget. 

2. Job Market 

It is not just the affordability and cost of living that draws young professionals and families to the state of North Carolina! Many companies, especially in the tech industry, have moved their headquarters to the area and the job market has been growing significantly over the past few years.

Companies like Apple, Google, Nike and others are all setting up shop in the growing metro area of Raleigh-Durham.

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Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate has only increased to 4.2% in August of 2021, which is considerably lower than the nation average at 5.2% during the same month.

This makes North Carolina an excellent choice for graduates who are just entering the job market and would like to build their careers. Specifically, those with backgrounds in STEM will have no problem finding comfortable jobs with high wages, as RTP has one of the highest populations of bachelors degree holders in the US.

Charlotte, NC is known for industries like technology, banking and healthcare

3. Mild Climate 

It is no wonder that a huge number of New Yorkers and New Englanders are moving to North Carolina! The Tar Heel State  welcomes everyone with the beauty of all four seasons.

The summers get quite hot and humid, but the winters are also shorter and milder. The autumn and spring periods last a bit longer and temperatures rarely fall below 20°F.

Combined with the huge variety of outdoor activates on offer across the state, millennials love to be out and explore the mild climate of North Carolina! 

4. Location

Conveniently situated between Virginia and South Carolina and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, North Carolina allows its residents to easily plan extended weekend getaways to the nearby states and.

What's more useful is its combination of both the beautiful sandy beaches on the Atlantic, and the stunning mountain summits across the lower Appalachian Mountains. These are just two tempting reasons why people are moving to North Carolina. If you are an outdoor enthusiasts you might want to consider the Tar Heel State as your new home! 

5. Lifestyle 

Last but definitely not least, one of the main reasons why people move to North Carolina is the relaxed, laid-back, full-of-color lifestyle. Many cities across the state have a small town vibe; places like Chapel Hill, Ballantyne, and Boone all have rich histories and lots of activities.

Boone, NC is one of the gems of North Carolina.

With a rich and vibrant history and beautiful and peaceful landmarks, North Carolina definitely has a bit of everything for everyone!  

Are you considering making North Carolina your new home? Hoping that our article with the five top reasons why people are moving to North Carolina will help you make the decision!