What is all inclusive rent?

Ava Miller | 11/20/20

What is all inclusive rent?

What is All-inclusive Rent?

When you are renting a property, it’s crucial to know exactly what is included in the money that you pay out each month. Sometimes, the money that you pay your landlord will literally just cover the use of the space (and potentially its furniture, if your property is furnished) each month. 

Other times, your rent may be all-inclusive. But what is all-inclusive rent? Let’s explain. 

All-inclusive rent is when the money that you pay your landlord each month covers bills, as well as the actual cost for using the space. These bills are often pre-decided by the landlord, but the term all-inclusive suggests that the fee does include all of the main bills - electricity, gas, and water. There may be other rent agreements where tenants pay for just one bill out of electricity, gas, and water. Furthermore, some all inclusive rent arrangements may include the internet.

There are several pros to all-inclusive rent. Here are some key things to note: 

Pros of all-inclusive rent
  • It’s a lot less hassle.

  • No more splitting bills.

  • You don’t need to worry about your consumption of electricity, gas, or water as it will all be a flat rate. 

  • There is no risk of unpaid bills and a subsequent cut off of services. 

  • It helps with budgeting.

  • You wont have to be in contact with tons of providers.

  • There won’t be any nasty surprises on bills!

Generally, all-inclusive rent is a good solution for tenants. Most tenants prefer to know exactly what is going out each month and to live in the reassurance that they won’t have a nasty shock next time the bills arrive.

Alcove's all-inclusive rent 

Here at Alcove, we act as the bridge between Property Managers and Tenants. Through out service you will have what we believe is the best value because of our all-inclusive rent model. Your rent in one of Alcove’s homes includes utilities, energy, wifi, furniture, washer dryer, bi-weekly cleaning, landscaping, and renters insurance. With Alcove there are no surprise fees and we make care of everything! When we say we make shared living easy we really do!