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What is a Bungalow Home?

Alcove Rooms | 3/24/22

What is a Bungalow Home?

What is a bungalow-style home? 

In order to get started, we first need to answer the question what is a bungalow-style home and give a proper definition about this particular type of house.

A bungalow-style home refers to a smaller house, typically one story with an open floor plan, a front porch and larger windows. While, they often have very similar structure and architectural elements, they also defer considerably from one another with their unique individual characteristics. 

Characteristics of a Bungalow

Alcove shares what is a bungalow style home

After giving a brief general definition of a bungalow-style house, we will also give a more detailed list of the features of these types of home: 

If you are wondering if a bungalow-style house is for you, keep reading as we are covering the main pros and cons next! 

Pros of Bungalow Homes 

Alcove shares what is a bungalow style home
  • The housing market is extremely competitive and the prices are only increasing every day. A bungalow-style home generally costs less than traditional homes, so if you are trying to make the most of your money, it might be worth looking into! 

  • If you have unique and quirky style and looking for a place to make your own, a bungalow might be the perfect option for you. These types of homes are quite old with rich history and plenty of charm. The interesting layout often allows for small reading and seating hooks to be created as well!


  • A bungalow-style houses are known to require a lot less maintenance than traditional multi story town homes. Not only will you be spending less time cleaning the houses, but you will be able to access your roof much easier as well!


Cons of Bungalow Homes

Alcove shares what is a bungalow style home
  • If you have a large family and looking for a lot of square footage, a smaller bungalow might not be the best option for you.

  • Another significant con to consider is that bungalows do not have as much storage space. Often times, you would need build-in custom made cabinets and multi-purpose furniture to make the most of your space.


  • Lots of people express security and privacy concerns due to the large windows and the close proximity to the ground level. If you like having your window open during the summer, you might be worried about your security!

Did we answer your question of what is a bungalow-style house?

We hope that not only did we give you an understanding of these types of homes, but we also provided you with the necessary insights to decide if you should buy a bungalow-style home!