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Top 5 Places to Buy Investment Property in Charlotte, NC 

Alcove Team | 8/24/21

Top 5 Places to Buy Investment Property in Charlotte, NC 

Where Are the Best Places to Buy Investment Property in Charlotte, NC? 

As the largest city in North Carolina with a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere and a huge option for outdoor activities, Charlotte has been getting a considerable amount of attention during the last few years.

Hundreds of people from across the country move to Charlotte every single day, looking for the suburban peace and comfort, combined with the amenities of the large city. At the same time, real estate investors following the trends have started becoming more and more interested in investing in the area. It's easy to see why.

Single-family homes prices continue to rise, while the demand for rental homes is increasing significantly day by day. Learn which are the best places to buy investment property in Charlotte, NC! 


Known as one of the most charming neighborhoods in Charlotte, Foxcroft is definitely worth considering if you are looking into the best places to buy investment properties in North Carolina.

It is the incredible wide open greenery, combined with quaint local cafes and restaurants, which attracts the more mature crowd looking into living in the area. Besides the laid-back, relaxing suburban charm and atmosphere of the district, Foxcroft is also home to a large number of extremely highly-ranked schools, which is definitely something that large families are looking at when renting or buying a house.

Investors should keep in mind that properties here are slightly on the upper scale compared to other districts of Charlotte, however, so is the average income of the residents at around $120,000. For this neighborhood, leaning into appreciation is your best bet.


One of the most desirable districts to live in Charlotte is Eastover. It is the constant increase in house prices and the continuously growing population of the neighborhood proving this.

Residents love the relaxing atmosphere of Eastover, combined with its rich history and heritage. Houses are tucked away into the peaceful surroundings, with large driveways. People are friendly and positive and create a feel of community, which is always something that families with children are looking for!

With rates starting from 300s for smaller condos and over half of a million for larger family houses, investing in a property in Eastover would cost quite a lot.

The expected return in a long-term plan, however, justifies the expense, as Eastover would only continue to grow as one of the best places to buy investment property in Charlotte, NC. Additionally, there are a crop of multi-family apartments being built. If you find your way into a multi-family syndication, direct your eyes towards this area of town.

Plaza Midwood 

Thanks to its close proximity to downtown and the continuously growing public transpiration network (a rare sight in the south!), Plaza Midwood has become one of the best places to buy investment properties in Charlotte, NC.

Prior to the 2010s, Plaza Midwood was considered C class real estate, however, it is now among the pricier and more luxurious districts across the city.

Packed with shopping places, lively bars and restaurants and charming historic pedestrian only streets, Plaza Midwood attracts a younger crowd looking either to rent or buy their first home. Investors can take advantage of buying older houses directly from their homeowners, who are struggling with the continuously increasing prices and are willing to sell quickly and effortlessly. 

South Park

Another excellent district to buy investment property in Charlotte is South Park.

Similar to Plaza Midwood, this vibrant and lively neighborhood attracts young adults, who prefer being part of the hustle and bustle of the city. The district is a fantastic fusion of residential areas, business hubs and suburban quiet spots.

There is a huge number of companies with offices in South Park and it is believed that more than 40,000 employees work there. The neighborhood is also home to the largest shopping mall in North Carolina with an abundance of popular brand boutiques. South Park is one of the most desirable places to live in Charlotte and it will only continue to grow! 

Other great investment areas in Charlotte, NC include:

- Around the University Campus (UNCC)

- NoDa (new homes being built all the time)

- Sugar Creek

- Enderly Park

Are you ready to invest in Charlotte, NC? What do you think about our pick of the best places to buy investment property in Charlotte, NC?