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Top 5 Benefits of Alcove Coliving

Ava Miller | 12/23/20

Top 5 Benefits of Alcove Coliving

Modern coliving is unlike any other living situation.

There are many benefits that you can not find anywhere else! In addition to matching you with roommates and providing a great home to live in, here are some reasons why coliving is seeing a lot of growth in the rental market.

1. Coliving is affordable

Coliving is one of the most affordable ways to live. After all, coliving is 50% cheaper than the average studio apartment. Don’t believe me? Look at the numbers. 

Alcove rent is cheaper then the average rent in durham

2. Coliving has a built in community  

One of the best parts of coliving is the community. Because you are moving into a shared home, there will always be a friendly face around. This makes for a more joyful living experience and can even lead to life long friendships. Many coliving companies also have community events designed for networking and fun. 

3. Eliminates the financial liability of roommates

One of the many headaches of moving involves finding a roommate and making sure they are reliable enough to stick to the lease terms.

We have all heard the story of the roommate that left the apartment and didn’t pay half of the rent, all for you to be left liable to foot the bill.

With Alcove, you pay for you and only you. Because of Alcove’s per-bedroom rentals, you are solely responsible for your lease and the rent that comes with it. 

4. Offers choice

Coliving allows choice in the way to live. You and pick your lease length, decide to move in at the drop of a hat, and venture out and explore.

With Alcove's platform, you can rent for as little as 3 months (great for travel nurses, summer interns, and more) or up to 18 months. Additionally, we are one of the only platform's in the rental market that shows future availability of rooms.

Searching into the future allows you some flexibility in budget and timing.

5. Coliving is convenient

Coliving is very convenient, especially at Alcove.

We offer a fully online application process that can have you moved into a new home in just a few days! If you'd like to tour before signing a lease, you can either tour through the listing's virtual tour or schedule an in-person tour with one of our community acquisition leads.

Our all-inclusive rent includes utilities, furnishings, wifi, and more. Not to mention, every single Alcove home has fully furnished living spaces and individualized support.

Alcove makes shared living easy.

Upgrade to coliving with Alcove. It's shared living, made easy!