Top 10 Best North Hills Restaurants in NC From a Local - A Full Guide

Alcove Team · 7/31/22

Top 10 Best North Hills Restaurants in NC From a Local - A Full Guide

North Hills hosts a variety of unique dining experiences within the bustling city of Raleigh. Home to hundreds of locally owned businesses and award-winning restaurants, the options to satisfy your hunger are endless. 

The best way to explore a city is through its cuisine, which is why we have made doing so an easy choice. Listed below–in no particular order–are our 20 best options to do so. 

Midtown Grille

Midtown Grille is a great option for a more upscale dining experience. Midtown Grille serves Contemporary American cuisine with an emphasis on local ingredients in a comfortable, neighborhood restaurant setting. 

Level 7

Located on the rooftop of the AC Hotel Raleigh-North Hills, Level 7 brings an

energized space for tapas and drinks. The cocktail lounge and scenic rooftop views make Level 7 a great spot for conversation and catching up with friends and loved ones. 

Cucciolo Terrazza

Cucciolo Terrazza serves modern Italian cuisine in an upscale and comfortable environment. Their menu is small with a focus on pasta, serving a rotation of seasonal dishes. 

STIR Raleigh

STIR is a great spot for when you are craving fresh seafood and oysters and are away from the coast. What sets STIR apart from other seafood restaurants is not its “raw bar” filled with seafood or their 300-pound artisan ice, but its elevated and rare cocktails. 

Happy and Hale

If you are looking for a healthy and filling option to conventional fast food, look no further at Happy and Hale. They take pride in making delicious juices, smoothies, and protein bowls that “nourishes the body, fulfills the soul, empowers the community, and balances the planet”. 

The Redneck BBQ Lab

The Lab features new “inventions” every month, bringing unique and flavorful recipes to customers. With meats roasted for hours and sides made fresh every day, The Redneck BBQ Lab is sure to make you fall in love with North Carolina BBQ. 


CO brings colorful and light dishes based on Southeast Asian cuisine. From pho soups and sushi to Bahn mi and stir fry, CO has a variety of options for various palettes (Gluten-free and vegan-friendly). 

The Cowfish

In the mood for burgers, or sushi? No need to decide when you can get both at The Cowfish. The Cowfish is a sushi burger bar that combines the best of both worlds in a fun non-traditional restaurant. 

Rosewater Kitchen and Bar

Rosewater offers an intimate space to catch up with friends and family over New American-styled food. The menu pays a beautiful homage to the producers that help curate their perennial-fueled food and the nourishment of slowly cooked food. 

King’s Dining and Entertainment

A seated dinner is not for everyone, which is why King’s Dining and Entertainment creates a high-energy space great for children, families, and friends! With various game options, bowling, and music, Dinnertime will fly by while being able to play while you have your food. 

The options for dining in North Hills and within the Raleigh area are endless, so we doubt you will regret whatever choice you make!

Trying local cuisine is a great way to explore town culture and what different places have to offer. Though downtown Raleigh is popular for dinner, don’t hesitate to try some of our picks for lunch or a late-night snack. Below are more North Hills honorable mentions sure to satisfy whatever you are craving!