The Top 7 Types of Roommates You Find on Craigslist

Alcove Team · 5/25/22

The Top 7 Types of Roommates You Find on Craigslist

While Craigslist is one of the most popular options when looking for a roommate, we’ve compiled a top list of specific roommate types you’ll find based on our personal experience (with some stranger than others). We all could write books about roommates, but we’ll distill it down for you so you have a better idea of what you might expect from Craigslist. 

1. The Best Friend You Never Wanted

The first or second message you’ll receive from this person is all you’ll ever need. It will contain their life story, birthdate, social security number, and deepest darkest secrets. While them sharing so much so early on with you may seem endearing, stay cautious because this is just the start. Over time, it might feel like you adopted a new member of your family who lives with you and thinks a shared space means you deserve 100 texts per day. While they may not understand boundaries, at least they have a lot of energy, but if not directed in the right way, it can become a lot to handle in a private living space. 

2. The Wannabe Lawyer

While it may be refreshing to have a roommate who wants peace of mind with a lengthy agreement, specific rent terms, and other guidelines, it can get out of hand. You may eventually feel as if you’re signing your life away and if there are 10 pages of legal documents per month that you’re staying there, you might wonder if it’s worth it.

3. The "Long Walks on the Beach" Basic Person

Their first messages and routines to you may seem like they’re straight out of the most average Tinder profile, but yes these people exist. They may “like to travel, and eat food, and watch tv”, but is simply being a human a personality? They might be a lot less grating than the other types on this list, but at the same time, boring can be worse sometimes as well.

4. The Phantom

Based on their communication with you and your lack of seeing them in your shared apartment, you may wonder if this roommate even exists or was just a figment of your imagination. Unlike with your dating partners and friends, a phantom of a roommate may be the best thing to ever happen to you because it could turn your apartment into a makeshift solo living situation, but that becomes lonely too right?

5. The Corporate One 

We all have had that one roommate who is a walking LinkedIn ad. Before we met them, we may have thought that it was impossible to speak in real life as people do in their LinkedIn posts, but between their corporate-branded apparel or daily professional business attire, you can take a person out of the company office at night, but you can’t take the company spirit out of the person. Working at a company does not have to be a personality, but we wish these roommates good luck in growing their professional connections.

6. The Couple

We’ve all seen those Craigslist ads for a couple that wants a roommate, but why take a space that has more people than bedrooms? You’re paying the same amount for less peace of mind and space and third-wheeling a relationship 24/7 might sound more fun than reality TV, but you’re not watching it on your screen. It’s real life and you’re part of it by being in the same living space so stay cautious. 

7. The Ultra-Athlete

If companies were an identity like we mentioned above, this type of roommate is the human form of whatever sport they pursue every morning and night. While it is incredibly healthy to be so active, a walking Peloton Ad is not the most desirable type of roommate potentially so if you don’t want to become a Crossfit enthusiast yourself, consider what it means to live with one.

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