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The Importance of Transportation Infrastructure for the Triangle

Alcove Team ยท 9/15/23

The Importance of Transportation Infrastructure for the Triangle

Raleigh, NC has been ranked as the top residential real estate market in the US, while the Triangle area is known for being one of the best places to start and operate businesses. Transportation infrastructure is critical to both.

Why It Matters:

The transportation infrastructure in the Triangle region is crucial for supporting the growth and success of businesses and attracting new companies to the area. It also plays a significant role in ensuring reasonable commute times for employees.

The Details:

  • Raleigh and Durham are consistently ranked among the best cities to start a business, with Raleigh being the top choice according to LendingTree analysts.

  • Major companies like VinFast, Wolfspeed, Apple, and Amazon have announced new offices or facilities in the Triangle area.

  • The transportation infrastructure in the region compares favorably with other regions, supporting steady growth.

  • Expansion projects at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) are underway to support current and future aviation needs, but federal funding is needed to fully realize these plans.

  • Efforts are being made to increase capacity at NC ports to accommodate the growing number of containers, as well as improve rail systems for efficient transportation of goods.

  • Funding remains a significant challenge for infrastructure development, and increased investment is necessary to maintain and improve the region's highway system.


Continued investment in and development of transportation infrastructure is vital for the Triangle region's growth and positive momentum. The support of the community and government is crucial in securing the necessary funding to make these improvements a reality.