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Teen Entrepreneur Launches WeyeZE to Address Global Vision Correction Issue

Alcove Team ยท 11/30/23

Teen Entrepreneur Launches WeyeZE to Address Global Vision Correction Issue

Why It Matters:

Lack of access to vision care is a major obstacle to global health and prosperity, affecting economic productivity and literacy rates. WeyeZE aims to provide a solution to this issue by offering a kit to improve spherical errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness.

The Details:

  • Sasha Surkin, inspired by her own experiences with vision issues, started WeyeZE at the age of 18 after researching the economic and social costs of a lack of access to vision care.

  • WeyeZE is currently beta testing kits to facilitate the improvement of spherical errors and aims to reach 100,000 users by 2024.

  • Surkin plans to test a future prototype kit in schools and rural areas of North Carolina, as well as pitch the concept to the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.

  • Despite her busy schedule as a student at UNC Chapel Hill, Surkin is determined to focus on her startup during the upcoming summer.

  • WeyeZE has received recognition and support, including winning an NC IDEA Micro grant and the Archangel Dreamer Competition and being featured in the film "Sight Unseen" at the ConnectHER International Film Festival.


Sasha Surkin's entrepreneurial venture, WeyeZE, aims to address the global vision correction issue by providing accessible kits for improving spherical errors. Despite her young age, Surkin is determined to make a difference and change the world through her startup.