Stones River Property Management Review - Property Management and Rentals

Alcove Team · 6/28/22

Stones River Property Management Review - Property Management and Rentals

Stones River Property Management is one of the largest property management companies in the Middle Tennessee area. Serving investors and owners in the area for over 30 years, they are a turn-key real estate company that specializes in investment and rental properties. They manage various different types of properties including single-family homes, commercial spaces, apartment complexes, equestrian properties, and more. 

Below is a quick overview of Stones River Property Management for both renters and property owners. In regards to reviews, Stones River has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google with over 228+ reviews. 


Stones River Property Management currently only has 9 properties listed for rent with prices ranging from $1,050 for a 2-bed, 1-bath duplex to $4,500 for a 4-bed, 4-baths house. 

Here is the range of rental prices for each different apartment size under Stones River’s management. 

  • 2 bedroom: $1,050-$1,495

  • 3 bedroom: $1,400-$3,200

  • 4 bedroom: $2,950-$4,500


For those looking to invest in and own new properties, Stones River Property Management, Inc. also manages property sales as the majority of its team is composed of licensed real estate agents. By being a “full-service” property management company, they manage almost every duty that a self-managing landlord would handle. 

To accomplish their full-service management, Stones River offers various services including marketing, financial management, and 24/7 maintenance. 

Marketing: Stones River Property Management uses its digital platform, professional real estate network, and physical advertisements to market its properties. Stones River’s advertising method places a property on 85 different web resource sites, averaging over 10,000 views a month. The company also handles property showings to potential renters themselves and conducts its own qualification process for potential tenants to better screen them. 

Financial Management: Security deposits and rents are collected by the company, in addition to the distribution of owner’s deposits, payment of utilities, monthly statements, and lease agreements between tenants. 

Maintenance: 24/7 in-house availability for maintenance and repair requests. Annual inspections of the property are done to ensure quality and that lease agreement are being followed. Additional inspections can be carried out for an additional fee. 

In regards to fees, Stones River Property Management, Inc. prefers to give individual quotas depending on the property and the scope of maintenance needed. If wanting to 

Consider Alcove as a Property Owner to Maximize Rental NOI

As expressed previously on our site, Alcove’s co-living can provide a much better return for property owners as we use a per-bedroom rental model to strengthen leasing and lower rental costs. This occurs by us better controlling tenant quality and maximizing NOI.

Though Alcove is not a property management company like Arbors Management and others, we do off most of the same services you can rely on. The per-bedroom, co-living model is different compared to conventional management firms. As a property owner using co-living, you can reap its benefits while still offering affordable housing to renters. 

By offering services like utilizing practices of listing distribution and streamlining payments and logistics, Alcove provides the tech and resources you need to be an efficient property owner.  Get started today listing your property with Alcove

Consider Alcove as a Renter for an Affordable, Simpler Option

Alcove has benefits for more than just the owner. As a renter, Alcove can be used to secure housing options that are cheaper than a typical 1-bedroom apartment, while offering a helping hand, a great community, and automated utility setup and payment plans. 

Not to mention, we are constantly adding new inventory around the country!