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SinnovaTek: Transforming Food Processing and Reducing Agricultural Waste

Alcove Team ยท 11/20/23

SinnovaTek: Transforming Food Processing and Reducing Agricultural Waste

Why It Matters:

SinnovaTek's innovative food processing technology has the potential to significantly reduce agricultural waste, while also providing sustainable solutions for food startups and addressing global hunger issues. The company's efforts contribute to the development of environmentally friendly and nutritious food products.

The Details:

  • SinnovaTek is a privately held certified B corporation that meets high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency in the food industry.

  • The company primarily focuses on equipment provision, but it has also spun out successful contract development and production businesses.

  • In 2020, SinnovaTek's manufacturing subsidiary, FirstWave Innovations, opened a small-scale facility in Raleigh for pilot manufacturing and supporting food startups.

  • In September, FirstWave Innovations launched a new plant in Nash County, which is now one of the most advanced food-processing factories globally.

  • SinnovaTek markets its specialized food processing equipment, which utilizes continuous-flow microwave thermal processing to preserve the quality and flavor of fruit- and vegetable-based fluid food products.

  • The company's technology enables the production of large commercial quantities of shelf-stable, aseptically packaged foods and beverages.

  • SinnovaTek's patented advanced processing technologies, developed by NC State researchers, help retain nutrients and enhance product quality and stability.

  • The company's Middlesex facility expects to double its staff and become a global leader in ag tech and food tech.

  • SinnovaTek has also established food processing facilities in Kenya and is developing another in South Africa to address food waste issues in Africa.


SinnovaTek's innovative food processing technology and commitment to sustainability have the potential to transform the food industry, reduce agricultural waste, and contribute to global hunger solutions. The company's focus on preserving flavor, quality, and nutrients in food products showcases the potential of processed foods to be both tasty and nutritious.