JG Real Estate Overview - Property Management and Rentals

Alcove Team · 6/9/22

JG Real Estate Overview - Property Management and Rentals

JG Real Estate is a property management company located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area that offers apartments to renters as well as management services to property owners among other services. 

Here is a quick overview of JG Real Estate for both renters and property owners below. In terms of reviews, JG Real Estate has 3.5 stars out of 5 on Yelp and over 115+ reviews.


JG Real Estate currently shows about 100 listings across the Philadelphia area available with prices ranging from $1,050 for a 1-bed, 1-bath studio to $4,100 for a 4-bedroom place.

Here are the relative price ranges listed for each apartment size for JG Real Estate.

Studio: $1,050-$1,490

1-bedroom: $1,050-$2,150 

2-bedroom: $1,1175-$2,450

3-bedroom: $1,395-$2,600

4-bedroom: $4,100 (only one available at this time) 

5-bedroom: $2,900 (only one available at this time)


JG Real Estate offers a variety of services as part of their property management including custom rental terms to help cover owners in disputes with tenants including covering utilities, rent grace periods, and other potential issues. They also help take care of maintenance issues, 24/7 emergency maintenance response, accounting, and online rent collection.

Additionally, JG Real Estate offers traditional distribution for property owners including digital ads, professional real estate photos, and online listings. They also offer to reach out to newsletter subscribers and other potential interested renters in their local database. 

Consider Alcove as a Property Owner to Maximize Rental NOI

As we explain in another article, Alcove’s co-living can provide a much better return for property owners like you as we use a per-bedroom rental model that optimizes leasing and lowers rental costs. This all occurs while we control tenant quality and focus on maximizing occupancy and NOI including spreading rental payment risk among multiple tenants instead of just one or two incomes. 

Alcove is not a property management company like JG Real Estate and others, but it does offer many of the same trusted services you can rely on including aiding in listing distribution, streamlining tenant payments and moving, and more. Our per-bedroom leasing model is also unique compared to most property management companies. Co-living is a trend you as a property owner can benefit from while offering affordable living to tenants. 

Overall, Alcove provides the tech and processes you need as a property owner to efficiently list your property and get the most value (increased NOI!) from it.

Alcove for renters

A More Affordable, Simpler Option 

As a renter, Alcove offers shared living options that are cheaper usually than a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, while offering a great community, moving help, and automated apartment utility setup. 

Browse Alcove’s listings here and if you can’t find any listings in your desired neighborhood, let us know on that form on the page! We’re always adding new inventory around the country.