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How to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Spacious

Alcove Team | 12/14/21

How to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Spacious

Are you renting out just a room and feeling like it is far too tiny? There is a way how you can make your space a lot more airy, spacious and cozy. Keep reading as we are sharing the top ways how to make a small bedroom feel more spacious! 

Use Mirrors

Our first tip on making your small bedroom feel more spacious might seem obvious, but it is actually often overlooked by new renters.

Having a full-length mirror is not only a great way to check your outfit before you go out, but also a great way to fool the eye that the space is bigger than it actually is. Our additional suggestions are – add a mirrored closet door and have it close to your window.

This way you are both saving space and your mirror will reflect as much light from outside as possible, which will bring an additional layer of airiness to your room. 

Get Multi-purpose Furniture 

One of the main reasons why your rooms feels tiny is because you probably have a lot of things and clutter scattered around your room. In order to minimize the clutter and optimize the space you need multi-purpose furniture.

You might not be a fan of Murphy Beds and we understand. No one really wants to deal with the pull-down, pull-up bed, especially if you come home after a long day.

Our suggestion, however, is to get a bed with build-in storage. The drawers under the bed are excellent space to store your larger pieces, such as additional bedding and towels or smaller suitcases, which otherwise would take up quite a lot of space in your closet.

If you want to bring in additional sofa to make your space a bit cozier and have somewhere to relax with a cup of tea and a book, pick up an armchair with additional storage underneath! 

Choose Brighter Colors 

Even if you are just renting out and you cannot pick up the colors of your walls, there are multiple ways how to brighter up your room. A great idea for example, is to go for light colored bed sheets. Go for cream-colored shutters instead of curtains to make the room look bigger.

If you want to bring in a desk or dresser, choose them in white or light yellow-gold oak. Not everything needs to look like in a hospital, it is a great idea to bring in an accent color of some sort. If your entire bedroom is in white and cream colors, you might want to add a bright blue armchair, for example!

The brighter colors, however, will definitely make your room feel a lot more spacious! 

Go for a Minimalist Design 

We are huge lovers of the minimalist theory! There is nothing better than getting rid of the unnecessary and only keeping the essentials.

It might be difficult to achieve, especially if you like to keep things with sentimental value to you, however, having a small room, which you are trying to make look more spacious might be the perfect time to start. Remove the headboard, especially if you have a large, heavy one – it is a great way to free up space.

Get rid of all the additional throw pillows – they might be nice to look at, but they take up space and make your room look smaller. Choose smaller furniture that would scale according to your room. The less things you have, the less storage area you will need! 

What are you waiting for – one change at a time and before you know it you will have a much more spacious room that you will enjoy spending your time in!