How to List Your Property on Alcove

Matt Zothner · 9/3/20

How to List Your Property on Alcove

Alcove’s roommate leasing platform will secure long-term, diversified rental payments for your property.

As a property manager, managing roommate relationships is non-trivial. First of all, applicants drop off from the sales funnel because they’re unable to find roommates to meet rent. Secondly, landlords see low renewal rates from these tenants because all roommates have to agree to stay. Thirdly, property managers have to deal with more frequent lease terminations when a roommate moves out early and the others can’t meet rent. For a landlord who is looking for stable rental income, these situations lead to risky, vacancy risks.

Alcove mitigates these issues in a few ways.

Through Alcove, property mangers help their landlords secure two-year long leases without the risks that traditionally come with roommate sharing. We make this possible by matching roommates move-in dates, lease lengths and budgets together to create living arrangements. This has been near impossible to do in the past.

Additionally, we also provide a spectrum of amenities to ensure that homes are well maintained and roommates are incentivized to stay for the full period of their lease.

How do I list my property on Alcove?

Here are a few easy steps…

1. Getting started

Head to Alcove’s manager page and select the ‘list your property’ button. From there, you’ll be able to create an account and proceed with the process of uploading your property.

Note: you’ll have to create your own account even if other agents in your firm are already registered.

Once you are signed in, you will be able to see several options.

Select ‘Create listing’ to begin listing your property.

2. Listing your property

Listing your homes on Alcove takes between three to five minutes per property, and the process is broken into three main sections:

  1. Property information and photos

  2. Bedroom information and photos

  3. Property availability and price

The listing page on the Alcove manager portal

Address: The location of your property. Make sure that it is the correct location on the map.

Beds: You should see ‘bedroom 1/2/3’ corresponding to the number of beds you selected. Here you can indicate which bedrooms have private baths, and you can also uploads photos of individual bedrooms.

Baths: Total number of bathrooms (use ‘.5’ to indicate half bathrooms)

Sqft: Total share footage of the whole home. Note: when inputing size of home, please use Net square footage, instead of Gross square footage¹ .

Amenities: Let our community know of your the features that make your home great! You can add any amenities not listed in the ‘New amenities’ section.

Description: An eye catching summary covers the major features of your home and neighborhood in 300 words or less. Our applicants like to read about why they should live in your home, so do spend some time making sure you’ve done your best to make your home stand out. Short sentences can go a long way.

Property photos: Upload general photos of your property here. Popular photos include common spaces, living room, kitchen, yard, front and back of home, communal amenities like pools and tennis courts.

Date available: The date when your property is available for move-in. Note: this is not the date when your lease will begin, your lease will begin and be signed when a roommate is ready to move-in.

Lease duration: How long is your property available for rent? Our standard lease is 24 months long. However, you may select your desired lease length here (subject to approval)

Rent price: Desired rental price of your home. We recommend listing your property at market price for optimized returns. The sooner a roommate can be secured, the sooner you start generating income for your rental property. If you would like to discuss pricing with a member of our staff, please contact us directly.

3. Publish your listing

When you’re happy with your listing, select the ‘Create Listing’ button and sit back! A member of our community team will reach out to you when your home is approved or if additional information is required.

The manage listing page on Alcove manager portal

The Alcove Manager Portal is the centralized site to manage all your coliving units. Once your homes are uploaded, you’ll be able to manage your incoming applications here. All incoming tenants are required to be approved by you before they can sign a lease.

If you have any questions with the listing process. Please feel free to reach out to us directly at partner@alcoverooms.com.

  1. https://www.ncrec.gov/Brochures/Measurement%20booklet%202013.pdf

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