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Charlotte to Finalize $1 Billion Data Center Agreement

Alcove Team ยท 9/18/23

Charlotte to Finalize $1 Billion Data Center Agreement

Charlotte's neighboring York County Council is on the brink of finalizing an incentive agreement for the $1 billion QTS Data Centers project, after intensive negotiations. This could potentially influence economic development and opportunities for the broader Charlotte region.

Why It Matters:

Charlotte's economic landscape could be positively impacted by this decision. A substantial investment in the vicinity can bring increased commerce, infrastructure, and potential collaborations for the city. Moreover, the promise of job creation could benefit many Charlotte residents.

The Details:

  • The QTS Data Centers' proposal involves a massive $1 billion investment and the initiation of 12 new jobs.

  • The proposed deal stipulates a minimum $900 million investment and the creation of at least 10 jobs over an eight-year period.

  • Rather than traditional property taxes, QTS Data Centers would pay a fee based on a 4% assessment, provided the company meets its stipulated targets.

  • Spanning over four decades, this agreement would entitle the company to credits against their fees, given their contribution to infrastructure.

  • The land owned by QTS is strategically located near the Campbell Road and Hands Mill Highway area of Lake Wylie, comprising a vast 360 acres, further strengthening its potential influence on Charlotte's economic prospects.


As Charlotte continues to grow and expand its economic influence, decisions like the one faced by the York County Council on the QTS Data Centers project become even more paramount. If approved, it can pave the way for greater economic collaborations, further fortifying Charlotte's position as a regional economic hub.