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Best Property Management in Raleigh and Durham

Ava Miller | 3/22/21

Best Property Management in Raleigh and Durham

If you’ve just started to rent somewhere, you might find that your point of contact is a property manager instead of a landlord. In many cases, the property manager is a bridge between you and the landlord (the owner of the home). However, some homeowners are also property managers. Regardless, your property manager will be your first point of contact if you have any queries about the property or if any issues arise during your stay. 

What is a property manager? 

A property manager is hired by a landlord or a letting agency to check that the property is operating as it should. Property managers can have a multitude of different responsibilities, but are primarily incentivized to keep the landlord's income from the property consistent. They do this by collecting rent, sourcing tenants, maintaining the property, communicating with all parties and dealing with any emergencies. In essence, property managers are there to make your rental experience as smooth as possible.

the best property managers in raleigh and durham from Alcove Rooms

The benefits of a property manager

You may be wondering why you’re talking to a property manager. What’s wrong with just dealing with the landlord directly? Well, there are many benefits to having a property manager for both the landlord and tenant. 

1. Property managers are experts

The main advantage of having a property manager is that they are trained professionals in renting. While a landlord may rent out the one property they own on the side, they are typically not accustomed to all the issues, regulations and laws that come up in real estate. Property managers are licensed brokers, meaning that they have the proper knowledge of how things operate. Because they are general agents of landlords, they typically have full access to both resources and contractors that help keep your place livable. Property managers deal with issues all the time including maintenance, background checks, etc.

2. Property managers are social people

In order to become a property manager, a candidate should be able to chat with people easily. Their role is to facilitate communication between all kinds of people, so that your rental experience is top notch. If issues come up related to plumbing, you know they will be the first one to call to sort it out, rather than landlords who are notoriously hard to get in touch with.

Because property managers are incentivized to help you (they take anywhere from 5 to 10% of the rent you pay your landlord), you should know that they are (more often than not) easy to work with.

3. Property managers are accessible

It's known in real estate that landlords are difficult to get ahold of. At the end of the day, the property you are living in is someone's appreciating asset. Landlords typically only see the dollar signs when renting out to tenants like yourself. On the contrary, property managers are in the business of tenant service. Because they are incentivized to keep tenants in their homes happy, you know they'll be there when you call them.

Alcove works with both property managers and landlords to rent out homes for co-living

Below we list the best property managers in Raleigh and Durham in no particular order. These property management firms are known for outstanding service and high-quality homes.

Best Property Management in Raleigh

Best Property Management in Durham


Hopefully, this article has resolved any questions that you may have about property managers. These firms exist to make your coliving experience great!