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Alcove's Austin City Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Austin, TX

Alcove Team | 4/21/22

Alcove's Austin City Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Austin, TX

Austin City Guide

Widely referred to as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin is home to a larger number of concerts and events throughout the year. It is not just the lively, music vibe of the city, though, that makes the capital of Texas so worth the hype!

It is the combination of fantastic outdoor activities, interesting tourist sights and divine cuisine flavors why you should be adding Austin to your travel itinerary. Keep reading for the ultimate Austin city guide with suggestions on the top places worth paying a visit to!  

Brief History 

Alcove shares Alcove's Austin City Guide

As you are admiring the impressive Austin skyline and strolling down through its colorful and vibrant streets, it is difficult to imagine that the city is less than 200 years old.

The capital city of Texas is now one of the largest cities in the United States of America, but just a century ago it was a small village called Waterloo. The area, however, manage to improve significantly after a series of dynamic changes.

Nowadays, Texas is considered one of the most modern, rapidly developing cities in America and is continuously rated among the top places to live in the USA. Even if you are not planning on moving to Austin, it is definitely worth planning a short weekend to experience the uniqueness of the capital of Texas! 

Bars and Restaurants

Alcove shares Alcove's Austin City Guide

The fantastic variety of bars and restaurants in Austin is calling all foodies! The first stop of your culinary journey through Austin should start at Matt's El Rancho restaurant for a taste of the most authentic Tex-Mex flavors. Another must-try when in Austin is the mouth-watering barbecue at Franklin Barbecue.

Yes, you might have to line, but once you take just a bite of the ribs and the brisket you would definitely know that it was worth the wait, as this is some of the best barbecue you would ever have! 

Austin is also a top destination if you would like to visit some breweries or wineries! The urban wineries in Austin, such as The Infinite Monkey Theorem and The Austin Winery will welcome you with a huge variety of delicious locally produced whites and reds.

The Austin Beerworks, on the other hand, is a place worth stopping by if you like sipping on unique tasty craft beer, which is difficult to find anywhere else. 

Outdoor and Recreation 

Alcove shares Alcove's Austin City Guide

People living in Austin are often known as being extremely active and fit. And it comes as a no surprise, considering the large number of open green spaces and the huge list of activities you can try in Austin.

Not only this, but with more than 300 sunny days, the weather in Austin is always going to be on your side and you will be able to enjoy long days exploring the outdoors. 

Start your morning exploring the peaceful waters of the Lady Bird Lake, situated right at the heart of Austin. You can choose between stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking. Regardless, which one you would pick, though, you will be treated to the stunning views of the Austin skyline in the distance!

The 10-mile Butler Hike and Bike Trail, on the other hand, is perfect if you would like to go for a morning run or cycling session. 

Your trip to Austin would not be complete, if you do not stop by the iconic Barton Springs Pool. Considered as the crown of jewels of Austin, the springs are used as a public swimming pool and attracts both locals and tourist year-round with its temperature of around 70 degrees. 

Entertainment and Sports 

Alcove shares Alcove's Austin City Guide

Even if you have not been to Austin yet, you definitely have already heard about the city's creative atmosphere. From the street's art vibe to the numerous world-class museums spread across the city, there are multiple different ways you can immerse yourself into the individuality and uniqueness of Austin.

Pay a visit to the popular Blanton Museum of Art for a sense of the contemporary American pieces, combined with a step back in time to the Baroque and Renaissance styles. For something more traditional and historic, head to the Mexic-Arte Museum, which will impress you with its massive collection of Mexican and Latin American pieces, showcasing the cultural diversity of the area. 

Austin has something for all music fans as well. The city's calendar is packed with various events and festivals throughout the year. The summer months are dedicated to concerts and film marathon, whereas as the autumn kicks in the streets become home to food and craft fairs. 

The fun does not end here, though, as Austin is also calling all sports enthusiasts with its wide sports program. Check out the Austin Q2 Stadium schedule for the upcoming soccer games.

The motorsports fans would definitely want to pay a visit to the iconic Circuit of America, which hosts everything from Formula 1 to karting events. Even if your visit to Austin does not match with the circuit's schedule, you can book a tour through the grounds! 

We bet that you are now ready to head to Austin and immerse yourself into its creative and active atmosphere. Which places of interest did you add to your own Austin city guide?