Arbors Management Review - Property Management and Rentals

Alcove Team · 6/28/22

Arbors Management Review - Property Management and Rentals

Arbors Management is a premier property investment group involved in the local real estate and rental market since 1982. Since its establishment, they have had over 4,000 portfolio units throughout Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. They offer fiscal and physical management of residential and commercial properties, to take care of owners’ assets while maximizing returns on their investments. 

Below is a brief overview of Arbors Management for both renters and property owners. In terms of reviews, Arbors Management has 4.4 out of 5 stars on Facebook and over 105+ reviews. 


Arbors Management currently shows about 21 listings across Pennsylvania and West Virginia. By also representing low-income and Project-Based Section 8 housing, they offer various types of properties at all different price points, with prices currently ranging from $650 for a 1-bed, 1-bath apartment, to $4000 for a 4-bed, 5-bath house. 

Here are the relative average price ranges listed for each different apartment size under Arbors Management. 

  • 1 bedroom: $650-$1795

  • 2 bedroom: $700-$1050

  • 3 bedroom: $1095-1895

  • 4 bedroom: $1350-$4000

  • 5 bedroom: $2295 (only one property available at this time)


Arbors Management offers different services to their clients as part of their property management including marketing, financial management, and 24/7 maintenance.  

Marketing: Arbors Management utilizes its digital platform and extensive professional network of real estate agents and companies to productively fill their rentals. Their marketing tactics are designed to attract high-quality residents, which are solidified through additional resident screening processes of their credit and criminal backgrounds, and income and landlord reference checks. 

Financial Management: Arbors Management provides comprehensive property accounting reports on a monthly basis so that owners can better track their property performance. 

Property Maintenance: The company is available 24/7 for maintenance and repairs. Arbors Management also conducts inspections to verify property conditions and ensure residents are abiding by the lease agreements. 

Finally, in regards to pricing, Arbors Management charges owners a monthly management fee of 9% for single-family and small multi-family properties, 4-7% for large multi-family properties, and 4-8% for Project-Based Section 8 and tax credit properties. Leasing fees are 100% of the first month’s rent for single-family and small multi-family properties, whereas other types of properties do not have any leasing fee for onsite management.

Consider Alcove as a Property Owner to Maximize Rental NOI

As expressed previously on our site, Alcove’s co-living can provide a much better return for property owners as we use a per-bedroom rental model to strengthen leasing and lower rental costs. This occurs by us better controlling tenant quality and maximizing NOI.

Though Alcove is not a property management company like Arbors Management and others, we do off most of the same services you can rely on. The per-bedroom, co-living model is different compared to conventional management firms. As a property owner using co-living, you can reap its benefits while still offering affordable housing to renters. 

By offering services like utilizing practices of listing distribution and streamlining payments and logistics, Alcove provides the tech and resources you need to be an efficient property owner.  Get started today listing your property with Alcove

Consider Alcove as a Renter for a More Affordable, Simpler Option

Alcove has benefits for more than just the owner. As a renter, Alcove can be used to secure housing options that are cheaper than a typical 1-bedroom apartment, while offering a helping hand, a great community, and automated utility setup and payment plans. 

Not to mention, we are constantly adding new inventory around the country!