Alcove's Atlanta Roommate Finder

Alcove Team · 7/6/22

Alcove's Atlanta Roommate Finder

Find Atlanta Roommates through Alcove

Are you looking for ways to cut down on increasing living costs and rent in Atlanta? Living with a roommate is a growingly popular solution to beating rising living costs in the area without having to compromise on the quality of your living because of the price. Using Alcove in Atlanta makes renting out your space or finding a place to accommodate a roommate easier and safer.

Sites like Craiglist are a popular option when finding roommates, but certainly not the safest. Compared to Alcove, we offer a safer and more financially beneficial option for both renters and landlords.

Alcove vs. Craigslist for Atlanta Rentals


One of the largest challenges for landlords is quickly filling their property once vacant. The longer a property remains empty, the less cash flow the property creates, and to some, a property that remains on the market for a long period of time can become off-putting to potential renters. 

By using Alcove to advertise your available properties, we automatically handle sourcing potential tenants across 20+ channels for you, whereas sites like Craigslist do not offer any help with postings…at least without an extra charge. 

Craigslist also does not offer any support for rental payments and higher profits, nor do they give any guidance for maintenance and home improvement. This ultimately makes less experienced owners vulnerable to fixing potential problems that arise with property ownership and management. 

After your property inspection, Alcove will make recommendations to help lease it quicker. Once the property is sold, Alcove will then help you manage it fiscally and physically. Alcove makes rent payments organized through their rent portal and gives landlords the opportunity to make 10-30% more in rent than traditional leasing (contact us for your offer). 


When finding potential roommates on sites like Craigslist, it is difficult for individuals to coordinate and verify the identity of others. Finding roommates through online platforms can often cause people to put themselves in danger due to the lack of authentication. 

Alcove eliminates this problem by running background checks on all potential roommates and has existing safety procedures in case issues arise. 

To make the whole process of renting even safer, Alcove offers opportunities for easier moving and cheaper rent. Alcove’s entire moving procedures are handled online, with renters being able to preconfigure their rental with utilities, furnishings (*in some units), and smart locks. 

With Alcove’s all-inclusive rentals, renters' expenditures are on average up to 50% cheaper than a conventional studio apartment. 

Platforms like Craigslist allow wide access to potential roommates, but without organized support and guidance, renters and landlords are left vulnerable to potential risks that could have been avoided. 

Other ways to find roommates

Alcove gives renters and owners in Atlanta more options in finding a roommate, all while keeping their safety and needs in mind. 

Though Craigslist is a popular option for finding roommates, it is not the best option for everyone. Other popular ways of finding roommates can be done through newspaper ads or Facebook postings, but those too leave individuals susceptible to strangers without any platform support. 

Even new startup sites for living needs in the Atlanta area can come with an emotional, and monetary cost. 

Citru, an app highly reviewed in Atlanta, is a resource that can be used to find roommates. However, before users can even see their roommate match results, they have to pay upfront trusting that their matches will be genuine. 

Finding tenants or roommates should not be a situation that puts your money or mental well-being at risk. This is why Alcove should be your first option in your journey to ensure you are not putting yourself, or your property, at risk. 

Check out our available listings for rentals with roommates in Atlanta and learn more about where to find potential roommates online with our full guide.