5 Ways to Personalize Your Rental

Julia Paz · 10/30/20

5 Ways to Personalize Your Rental

5 Ways to Personalize Your Rental to Make it Feel Like Home 

 You have two options when you’re renting. You can either look at that empty space and feel empty inside, or you can see it for the blank canvas it is. It’s not just about moving into a new place…it’s about starting a new chapter. 

Yes, rentals might not have any personality, but that’s where you come in. There might be certain things your rental agreement won’t permit you to alter, but these 5 smart tips will help you add your own personal touch to make it feel like home.

5 Tips and Tricks

 1. Bring in some color

Rentals typically don’t have much color to them. This neutral base is the opportunity for you to shine by choosing furniture and décor that brings it to life. If you’re not into having a red couch, try accent pillows on neutrally-toned furniture to add pops of life to your space. Add throw rugs too which will add textures and make it feel like your cozy space. 

Throw pillows are an easy way to add color, texture, personality, and dimension to your already fully furnished alcove rental!

 2. Know that stickers aren’t just for kids

Removable wall stickers and removable wall paper are perhaps one of the best inventions around. They come in a variety of designs and patterns so you can use your creativity and artistic instincts to add accents on an otherwise plain wall. This is a super easy and affordable way to add some personality to your space!

Peel and Stick Wall paper is a great way to add personality and interest in your walls. It is not only affordable but rental friendly!

 3. Add some plants

Did you know that plants are great for you mental well-being? Plus, they have purifying powers that will improve the quality of air in your rental. Green houseplants or even vases of flowers all add a lively and colorful touch of home.

Adding plants to any space as tons of health and aesthetic benefits that will make you love your new co living space.

 4. Trot out some cool lighting

Fluorescent lighting is no one’s friend. Rentals tend to have more utilitarian features but who says you have to have that harsh glare bearing down on you? Find some cool lamps that light up the space in a warm and inviting way.

 5. Look for stylish ways to save space

If your rental leaves little in the way of storage, you don’t have to feel cluttered out by your stuff. Choose a chest for a coffee table, or an ottoman or bench with inside storage. It’s a great place to tuck away seasonal clothing. Bathroom and closet organizers are all in great variety, allowing you to make the most of that rental space and make it feel like you own it. 

Creating organized ways to store products and unused items saves space and makes your rental home feel more like yours!

Feel at Home in Your Alcove Rental  

When you feel like you’re at home in your home, you can find comfort and healing there, even when you rent. You can live your best life and focus on the full spectrum of wellness through what inspires you by simply surrounding yourself with the comforts that create a home. While Alcove does provide fully furnished rental homes, personalizing your home using these tips can make your short term rental feel like your permanent home!

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