Breaking the Preconceived Notions of Co-living

Julia Paz | 12/3/20

Breaking the Preconceived Notions of Co-living

Breaking the Preconceived Notions of Co-living 

It seems like everyone in the world has a horrible roommate story. People have stories of roommates who never did their dishes, stayed up till late hours of the night, and ate all their food. These stories put people off from living with others. People stay in extra small apartments and pay double the price, all to avoid having an awful roommate. These preconceived notions about co-living make it, so potential tenants don’t give it a chance. What people don’t hear, however, are the great benefits that can come with co-living. These are some co-living notions that have been debunked. 

“It’s Like Living in a Dorm” 

For one, dorm rooms are small. They have no bathroom, kitchen, or extra space. People have to share close quarters in a dorm room. A co-living space comes with separate rooms and living areas. People can have their privacy, and when they want to feel a sense of community, they can get that, too. Dorms are fun because they have lots of people with different interests. Co-living spaces are the same, and they come with some extra amenities. 

“It’s hard to keep clean!” 

 Co-living spaces have more people and more messes, yet that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dirty. Everyone contributes to a co-living room. People clean up after themselves and help others out, as well. If anything, co-living spaces are cleaner than any ordinary apartment. Alcove also offers bi-weekly cleaning of shared areas to ensure the cleanliness of our homes.

 “There’s No Privacy!” 

People in co-living situations get as much privacy as they need. If they want space from other people, they can go to their room. At least in a co-living space, people are less likely to get lonely.

“It’s unsafe to live with a bunch of strangers!” 

This could be said about any living situation. Strangers turn into acquaintances and then friends. Plus, everyone in a co-living space has agreed to terms set out on their lease. If anyone feels uncomfortable, they can report it to the landlord. Otherwise, these spaces are very safe because many people can look out for one another. 

“Co-living is for young people!” 

Young people do like co-living because it’s affordable, but it’s certainly not just for them. Anyone can benefit from living with a group of people. There is a sense of community in a co-living situation that is great for people who like being social and learning about others. 


Don’t be scared to join a co-living space. They’re fun, clean, friendly, and great for all types of people.